Sewing Room Upgrade

Old sewing room seating…


New sewing room seating…


Husband came into my sewing room the other night and looked at my faithful stool with a worried expression, “Could I maybe glue that thing back together for you?”  Sweet idea, but I have tried that and it just doesn’t hold.  So, from time to time I pound it back together and trust that it will last a little longer.   I admitted to him that I had been contemplating a task chair for a while.  Then, I saw an ad today for just the chair I had in mind for $40.  But, wait! I had a $20 off coupon.  Could I resist a $20 chair?  No.  Not when it was as comfortable as this one.  But, after that poor stool, most anything would feel comfortable, right?!

My only complaint is that it is rather industrial looking….maybe…slipcover!

9 thoughts on “Sewing Room Upgrade

  1. I’m so jealous! I have a soft seat, but the adjustment things are not working, so I get backaches and have to take breaks when I’m sewing. Your chair looks wonderful! Nice clean lines. =) Great price!

  2. I just love it when I have a coupon for something I was going to buy anyway (the only kind I use). Cheers on the new chair. May you have years of comfortable sewing.

  3. Congrats to you! A comfortable chair will lure you toward your sewing machine frequently, and you will be able to sew for longer times!

  4. What took you so long! You deserve a comfy new chair. That’s one of the first things I bought when I started quilting. The old folding chair just wasn’t doing it for me. Can’t wait to see the new slipcover.

  5. Husband you can glue it then you can make a pad for the top Deanna…i know there’s got to be a place in the house for it..i have one and it is used by my grands when they come..

    i do love the new sewing chair is an old old leather seated desk chair on casters with arms that i bought many years ago–with the nephew has had the desk for 25 years but i kept the chair because it was just right for my sewing machine will have fun figuring out how to cover it..

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