Logistical Difficulties

This bowl was a thrift store find for 25-cents.


Somehow when I looked at it I saw “pincushion.”


But, I wanted it to be a pincushion with a difference.  After all, why waste the bowl.


Sadly, though, I am not entirely pleased with the result.  It looks clunky….



8 thoughts on “Logistical Difficulties

  1. Hmm. It looks okay to me, but maybe if the top were fuller – more like a cupcake? I like your idea of having a sewing kit under it, though!

  2. i was thinking just the opposite of dezertsuz. i think the top is too big and puffy….but in total agreement about the great idea of still using the bowl. actually, i use old china bowls for my pin dishes all the time. for some reason USING a pin cushion has never captured me. i always just use dishes…for lots of things….so, that blue bowl would be there by my machine, but that one would be holding postage stamp leaders and enders…….

  3. I would make the pincushion part smaller so that it sits in the bowl, below the edge of the rim (there wouldn’t be storage underneath.) The whole point is the bowl is cute and a great shape, but the big cushion on top just overpowers the bowl itself.

  4. i’d put small petals of fabric around the bottom of the pincushion and sit it back in the bowl and it would look like a flower in the bowl..i like it myself…it just looks a little unfinished…..neat idea…

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