Trying Again

If at first you don’t succeed…throw yourself in the floor  Try Again! Yes, sometimes “good” ideas just don’t work.

So, I tore apart that failed attempt at a pincushion (see previous post) and looked at the problem.  Your suggestions helped a lot. It was just too poufy.  I wanted a more tailored look.  Something more like a pillow I saw recently on Sew4home.


It kept the storage and refined the look.


If I were to do it AGAIN I would probably lower the profile a bit more (The side strip started at 1-1/2″.), but I am happy enough with this second try to not tear it apart.


There are another one or two small thrift store containers and I may try this again.  But, as Daughter asked today, “Mom, how many pincushions do you need?”  Well, I don’t need any more at all, but other people might…

14 thoughts on “Trying Again

  1. It looks great! I knew you’d figure it out. It isn’t a matter of how many does one NEED, it’s a matter of how many does one WANT! =)

  2. Cute! I love the storage underneath, it’s very handy! I’ve been wanting to make a cupcake pincushion. I have a bunch of old and small, ugly tomato pincushions that need to be replaced with something cute and bigger. 🙂

  3. Now, that one is just way too cute. I love the added piping. Tell Miss Sparkle that one can never have enough pin cushions, especially one as beautiful and functional as that one.

  4. Very cute! You can never have too many pincushions. I’ve bought a couple of pretty little ceramic baskets with the intention of making pincushions, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Ooh, Deanna – way cute!! I love the fact that you have a little storage jar (bowl) under the pincushion. I’d show this pretty piece off for sure!! Great, great job! That’s why I love CTTY – I get to see some fun, beautiful projects – and get to know some awesome bloggers like yourself. Hugs.

  6. very pretty….i loved the squares on the original one…think i will ck at the thrift store for a square container to make like that…but this one is darling..btw sparkle jane….i use my yellow one from you ALL the time…and now i want another to sit on my table when i am cutting –like this one —with the little storage in it…really no one can have too many of them…

  7. i love this pincushion… and wante d to let you know that i have made a letter stamp queen size quilt and i’m getting it quilted at the thread peddler in waynesville can’t wait to get it back i love the way it turned out simply bueatiful ….teresa c..

  8. I would give you $10 for the blue bowl alone — it matches my daughter’s cobalt blue kitchen perfectly! Your pincushion is very pretty though.

  9. I LOVE your pincushion. It is so pretty and such a wonderful idea with the storage underneath. Thanks for linking up with CTTY. Hope to see you next month.

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