March Block Report

Shelly keeps urging us on towards our goal of 350 blocks in a year.

March was a good month for me, in fact, the best so far.

My final count is 35.

There were 9 blocks in the baby quilt, 12 blocks from waste triangles, 5 Oh My Stars blocks and 9 leader ender blocks.

Yes, I feel successful.  Thank you, Shelly, for the encouragement.  Here’s to a productive April!

9 thoughts on “March Block Report

  1. wow! that is ALOT of blocks for your goal…..i am sure you will make it, you are off to a good start. interesting challenge. i think that it sounds like a lot, but then, when you think about it, if you are quilting away on a regular basis, it would be done before you knew it…..neat to keep track of now that i think about it….
    and, i just LOVE the leader ender blocks soooo much!

  2. that’s great…although i am not participating online i have been trying to keep up with how many blocks i am doing this year…had forgotten to put down last batch so will figure that out and see how far i’ve gone…good luck on the rest!!!

  3. I have done 1 king size quilt that contains many blocks this year, not sure how many as of yet. It will be put together tomorrow with help from my 2 best friends. My quilting group named it Delft Windmills. 1 because it is in blues and 2 because they represent windmill paddles. I fell on this via a challenge from the president of our group. She gave us 3 sizes of pieces to make something with. We could add 1 more to it. And if we chose to we could make a quilt. So I came up with this one. I’m not a genius with the pc, but if I can figure it out I will post a picture of it, if it’s ok with you. Just let me know. I check your page everyday. My husband is disabled and besides taking care of him and housework I do have some free time. I love to quilt and to make rugs, which my hubby helps me with. Kathy

  4. Oh and I also just finished a cathedral quilt for my daughter. It contained over 250 blocks. A lot of work. Not sure I will ever do another although I do have another kind of started. I am a pretty fast quilter but I do NOT machine quilt. I tie. I was taught by the old school. The Shakers. Kind of sorry that I didn’t take the 350 challenge. But I only joined your Blog last month. I am impressed with all you do. Keep up the good work. By the way I am an old gal. 70. I have learned many tricks over the years. Love your work. Happy quilting. Love your blog too..Kathy

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