Squares In A Storm

The Six Squared blocks are finally a top.


And it has been a stormy experience. I couldn’t decide on a layout. I ran out of the white background fabric and couldn’t find a match. You can tell the outer border is a little “whiter” than the alternate blocks. Arrgh!


And, now that I am trying to photograph the whole thing (Monday afternoon), there is a storm blowing in and the quilt will not be obedient. Oh, well. Man proposes…God disposes…


Susan suggested quilting with variegated thread. That sounds like a great idea to me. It will hopefully serve a triple purpose of 1. finishing the quilt, 2. softening the contrast and, 3. hiding the fact that there are two different background fabrics. *grimace* At least we’ll hope so. Time to find a quilter up to the challenge…

16 thoughts on “Squares In A Storm

  1. Don’t worry too much about the different whites. It’ll be fine once it’s washed a few times. Beautiful colourful quilt!

  2. The variegated thread sounds best to me, I have used it many times on quilts that was scrapys, and that made a world of diffrence. Wonderful quilt!! Great job. I enjoy your news letter, so very much.

  3. I love this bright cheerful quilt. You’ve done a terrific job. Bright variegated quilting thread would be perfect. Floral. I love keeping up with you and yours. Jan

  4. The quilt looks wonderful. I can’t see the difference in the white fabric in the pictures. Maybe, once it is quilted the batting will make the color seem more even.

  5. The difference in color is barely noticeable. I think the thread will make a wonderful camouflage. Are you doing this one or sending t out? I’m just itching to do feathered borders with feather circles in all those white squares! A little time consuming, but so pretty! Great name for the quilt, too. =)

  6. Yummy quilt! Deanna, if you want to play down the color difference, I would recommend a matching thread in the center squares and a contrasting thread in the border. With relatively dense quilting in the border, you would get the visual impact of a border and the camouflage of a different color. A red or orange thread would bring warmer tones to the brighter white, softening it visually to play nicely with the center squares. Congrats on a finished top. I think it is wonderful!

  7. Love the quilt. It looks like rainbows after the storm has passed. Variegated thread will look lovely, I use it often. And once the quilt has backing and wadding, quilted and washed you won’t notice any difference in the whites. I’ve used different whites. Don’t ask me how come one white solid isn’t the same as another white solid.

  8. i love it!!!! now i for sure have to get mine finished…i have about half the blocks made and all the squares cut out..i love the brights variagaded thread but i can see black quilting…..but it will be beautiful any way you do it. you know the different white is there…nobody else will notice unless you tell them when it is finished…great job!!!

  9. Assume fallback position-You mean’t for the border to be a bit whiter because that’s where we all grab our quilts so the color will quickly even out…. I find at my humble abode and within my family that God has an incredibly great time simply saying “HA-HA!!” Varigated thread is not only just lovely it also gives one the reason to hit the fabric store to buy “just 1 more” spool of thread! This quilt you’ve created makes my scrappy loving little heart smile! My adaptation will be same rainbow squares with their fave color instead of the white for the borders for the grandbabies and grandnieces.Think I’ll call it “Rainbows Keep the Dark away”.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful! Once finished, I’m sure you will agree. The variegated quilting thread is a great idea. Love all the colorful blocks.

  11. Love this quilt, by the time you get it quilted you won’t really notice the two different whites. I will be waiting for the instructions. Thank You so much for sharing.

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