Quilt Rescue

Some time ago I received a phone call.  “Deanna, can you come. I would like you to look at a quilt.”  It was a neighbor.  She had started a quilt several years ago.  It started to go wrong and she set it aside.  Now, she is older and had some health problems and feels it is beyond her to finish.  Also, the unused fabric had wandered off,  and what she was left with was several pieces, some partly sewn together, and the desire to have the quilt finished for her grandson’s wedding.


Wow!  When I first looked at it it seemed hopeless.  But, over time I would take it out and look at it and put it away, and then take it out again a few weeks later.  Over time an idea started to form.  So, this weekend I went for it.  A quick trip to the fabric store for some fabric and…


When I showed the pieces to the quilt shop owner, she said, “Oh, Deanna….”  I replied, “Yes, I know, but someday I may need someone to finish a quilt for me…”  And that was all that needed to be said.


Over the next week I hope to make some real progress.  I am trying to take as much as possible of her original work and create a usable full-to-queen size quilt. The owner is no longer sure of what the original idea was,  and I warned her that I could not guarantee what it would look like when it did return.  She  was OK with that.


What was originally a daunting prospect has turned into an intriguing project…Hmmm.

17 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue

  1. THAT is impressive! I can’t wait to see what you’re able to make of it. And I love that you didn’t say anything mean about the quilt’s faults.

  2. You go girl. I have restored a couple of old (late 1800’s to mid 1900’s) it’s not an easy job for sure. Too old for that stuff now. But it will be beautiful. The pattern is known as trip around the world. Have made 2 of them in my 70 years. Beautiful quilts. Will make a great gift.

  3. oh you touched my heart. your “When I showed the pieces to the quilt shop owner, she said, “Oh, Deanna….” I replied, “Yes, I know, but someday I may need someone to finish a quilt for me…” And that was all that needed to be said.” is right. it was clear what needed to be done. bless you on your journey with this quilt. i am sure that you will reap huge rewards for your efforts. you reveal your character here, and i am sure that God is pleased…..i know that wasnt your intent in writing this, not for recognition or vain glory, but….recognition you get! recognition of and for your kind and gentle spirit and obedient heart.

  4. What a blessing and a gift you are to your neighbor….no good act ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated…and you are so right, we may all come to wish someday that someone else could finish a gift of love for us….

  5. You are truly a special person!!! I have an unfinished and “quirky” quilt like this that was my mom’s – I’ve taken it out and put it away many times and have yet to find the inspirational spark to pull it all together. I do know it will be one of the most “thoughtful” quilts I have made. I cannot wait to see what you create!!!

  6. How wonderful that you are willing to help a neighbor in need! I hope someone will be willing to do the same for me when (notice I don’t say if) I am unable to quilt any more. There are bound to be projects unfinished! Bless you.

  7. It’s clearly still a trip around the world. Like our lives, it shows that the trip doesn’t always go the way we expect it to. I know you will find a way to finish that makes it special for this woman and her grandson. Borders are wonderful things. =)

  8. Good morning! I knew you were a nice person by your writings…….undertaking this daunting project says it all. Best of luck on this venture. Remember……what goes around comes around.

  9. It willl be a challenge to bring this quilt to life, but you have some great colours to work with, and your neighbour is giving you the freedom to do it. challenges help us all to grow . it would be too easy to just work within our comfort range, we need these challenges. i’m looking forward to your progress on this.

  10. it will be beautiful—because 2 beautiful people worked on it…i love trip around the world and you can do so much with it..i can hardly wait to see the finished quilt and know it will be even more beautfiul than your neighbor thought it would be..and i know her grandson and bride will find it lovely and it will forever be a memory of his grandma and her sweet and talented neighbor..

  11. Well, she is a wise woman and knows that you will breath new life into the quilt. I have seen what you can do with a discarded dress, and you will work your magic on this quilt as well! Thought of you this weekend – one of your quilts made an appearance at a quilt show I attended. 🙂

  12. Can I just say that what you are doing is so incredibly touching. I read this yesterday, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what you said since then – “Yes, I know, but someday I may need someone to finish a quilt for me…” I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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