Quilt Rescue: Finding The Center

As I looked at the quilt, probably meant to be a variation on a trip around the world, the first step was to square up the largest piece to give me a place to build from.

It was not square, but could be made more or less diamond shaped. So, I added a narrow white border to hold the edges into a regular shape and trimmed the excess. If you look closely you will see that it isn’t perfect points, but that isn’t the point.

Creating rectangular “setting triangles” was interesting, but math works.  Then, I added another white border, hoping that will be both an accent and resting place.


I was trying to showcase the nice colors and give space for her work to just “be.” Wonky is a strong quilting tradition–think Gees Bend and many modern quilts. Why not this quilt? That was my first big insight: don’t try to make the quilt “perfect,” whatever that means. Let the quilt be itself and show its own beauty.

Even after stretching, trimming and framing, there were some uneven places. I wish I had before and after pictures so you could see the difference, but I sprayed the pieced center section until it was quite damp and pressed it out as flat as I could. Then, while still damp, I pinned it to the floor, as you might if blocking a piece of crochet or knitting. Then I liberally applied spray starch and let it dry. Much better! I am confident a (patient) machine quilter will be able to finish this top when the time comes.

This really is an intriguing project. While I have a rough idea of where it is going, each step is an adventure. More to share soon…

7 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue: Finding The Center

  1. Hi there. Love this blog, it started a “blog addiction” for me 😉

    There is a tradition in asian, african and native cultures that the only perfect in the world is God. Therefore, every craft project needs a “mistake”, a deliberate “nose” so the project can “breathe”. This first square could be seen as the “nose” of the project. Gives me inspiration to finish my quilt top. Keep on keepin’ on

  2. but isn’t that the fun of this adventure????? kind of like a mystery quilt???? what will the next step be???…i love mystery quilts—you never know where they are leading you and then voila!!!!!!!!!! you have a beautiful piece…it will turn out great…i have a name for it already—An Adventurous Trip Around the World….

  3. I have confidence in your design capabilities. This is looking great already! Your “blocking” technique was a great idea.

  4. DELIGHTFUL!! I’ve told you before-” this is a passion piece that protests societies demands for perfection in an imperfect world!” Kudos on the blocking idea! Power to the piecers!

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