Quilt Rescue: Some Borders

Now that the center of the quilt is blocked and a workable shape, it was time to add borders.  (Sorry for poor quality picture)


There were some long section of three strips sewn together.  I think they might have been intended to be cut up to make more pieced blocks, but it turned out to be a good starting place for the first round of borders to help the quilt grow to a queen size.

Each strip set is different, but that is a good thing.  I hope.  It again uses as much of the original work as I can think to do.

Hopefully the corner blocks, from the newly purchased fabric, and the same white border around the outside give some order to the random.

What comes next?  Some blocks and more bordering (Is that a word?).

17 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue: Some Borders

  1. Bordering must be in a dictionary somewhere. =) I love how it looks so far. You are doing a great job of using her beginnings.

  2. I love it! I wouldn’t have thought of using different strips in a border that way, but I really like the effect. And I like how you reversed the direction of the two long borders so they look different even though they are the same.

  3. I think the lay out you have come of with is great. You have saved this quilt.
    Every one involved with it should be thankful for your help.

  4. What a lovely job you are doing. I have a top that my great-aunt started for my now 84 year old mother and this gives me confidence to do something with it for my mom – thank you

  5. Bordering is a word, a quilting word… To quilt… flows into quilting and to border flows into bordering… that sounds logical…to me. Just love it…
    I like how it looks.. How big is it now? And how big do you want to grow it?

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