Quilt Rescue: Building Blocks

To answer a few questions, the “medallion” center of the rescue quilt is currently 53″ x 61″. The goal is a full-size or larger quilt, or at  least 78″x87″, but preferably more like 84″ x 92″.  There is a long ways to go.

All that remained of the original work was 5 pieced strips like this.


They were about 12-15 inches wide and 40-48 inches long.  Some sections were more usable than others, but, as before, I wanted to use as much as I could.

I thought the best use might be to cut them into blocks and add white borders, similar to the center of the quilt.


The pieced blocks started at 8″ and the white strips are 2″.  So, now I have ten  (make that 12) 11″ blocks.  Somehow that needs to be  the heart of the next layer of borders.  Hmmm…

6 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue: Building Blocks

  1. What a great idea. What if you used 3 on top and bottom – corners and middle, and two on each side, dividing that into thirds. I don’t know if the quilt is big enough to do that yet. Just my first thought. I’m sure you’ve already figured out a great way to do it!

  2. liking what dezertsuz suggested as well. they should go on point yeah? this really is going to be lovely when you are all finished…..

  3. Dezertsuz has the right idea in my humble opinion! What about maybe instead of just white for borders etc. trying a bit of that lovely tone on tone fabric in black or some other deep color that matches some of the colors in the blocks? That could either really make it “pop” or make your eyes hurt! I usually lay it out on a table or bed and then wander in and out to glance or stare at it.I’ve had some pretty shocking and wonderful results from doing that-and it gives me a great reason not to always “pick up my toys” as my granddaughter puts it!

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