Quilt Rescue: Back To The Fabric Store

One disadvantage of not being sure of the final destination of this quilt was not being sure of how much fabric to purchase.  I guessed.  I guessed wrong.


So, today, Friday, I was back at the fabric store for more of the blue-ish color that is my background and some more white. Oh, yes, I have white.  I have many yards of white, but NONE of them are the correct white.  And I knew they had more of this particular bolt of white muslin.

I am really hoping to finish this top this week.  It has practically been an obsession (my husband would delete the “practically” part) and I do want to get this quilt to its owner.  You have all been very patient to follow this process.  I promise to move on to other subjects soon.   Now, back to sewing…after an evening with my long-suffering husband.  He puts up with a lot.

12 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue: Back To The Fabric Store

  1. Oh, but this top is *so* worth it! I’ve loved following along as you’ve done each step. I don’t think you will get complaints from any of your followers over this.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and you’ve done a lovely job. I know about the “whites” and the “blacks” as a crafter and a minister. Congrats!

  3. doing great. good imagination. maybe you should do this in restoring old quilts. It is a challenge and you have met it head on. Proud of you young lady. From the old girl. Kathy

  4. I’m impressed with your ability to just bite the bullet, or quily, and get it finished..Very nice looking top now.

  5. Amazing job! Sure looks like it was always supposed to be like this.The “white issue” is just another of “lifes little challenges” it seems & Andrea is right-black is no better! There’s an awful lot of satisfaction in transforming bits & blocks that had no purpose into something wonderful! Have that understanding hubby pat you on the back for all of us!

  6. i love it…love the colors….you sure pulled this one together as i knew you would..it is going to be a great gift for her grandson…can hardly wait to see the completed top….

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