Quilt Rescue: When It’s Done, It’s Done

With every quilt, you reach a point when you have to say, “It is done.”  Frequently,  it is easy to tell when you have arrived at that point, because you have a pattern to work with. But, how was I to recognize that point was with this quilt?

Well, once it was as large as the smallest size the owner suggested, I stopped.


Today (Sunday), I took the quilt to her.  All the warnings I gave when I picked the quilt up did not prepare her for what came back.  She said she wouldn’t have recognized it if she didn’t know.  Her feelings are still a little mixed, due, I think, to shock.  But, she kept the top at her house, is working on backing fabric, and we’ll get it to a quilter soon.  Once it is back from the quilter and bound I will share the final results.


In the meantime, it is done (for now). I did offer to make the quilt larger by adding another round of white/strips/white similar to the surrounding of the medallion, but she felt it was large enough at this size,  about 91″x83″.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  It was great to have support and encouragement from so many of you.  I hope this encourages you to dig out an old “hopeless” project and give it a second look.  You never know what it might turn out to be in the end.

20 thoughts on “Quilt Rescue: When It’s Done, It’s Done

  1. Thank-you for the journey. I have watched the progress thinking there was no way you could rescue the quilt, but I am so glad I was wrong. The final result is amazing. Congratulations! You have the bones of the original quilt in the middle with some inventive bordering. The owner is a lucky lady to have had you rescue her top. Done certainly is done beautifully.

  2. I think you did an amazing job! I wouldn’t have had any idea of what to do with it. You have a wonderful talent!

  3. It looks great. I hope her shock passes and she comes to absolutely love it, as I do. When quilting is added to those plain areas, this will be stunning. I’m itching to put feathers and feathered wreaths all over it! =)

  4. i find it interesting that she has mixed feelings. i am wondering what she had in mind from what she had given you to work with. most likely an out to the edges trip around the world, but…..hhhhmmmmm….that really wouldnt have worked with what she had given now would it have?

    i think i am a bit in shock that she did not absolutley fall in love with it; and, with tears of joy in her eyes, hug and bless you for your beautiful heart and creativity…..i have loved reading about your process and progress and know that there will be more posts after this is quilted and gifted etc…..

  5. You did a fantastic job with this quilt. I am sure she was gobsmacked ( isn’t that a great word to describe that overwhelming awed feeling) when she saw your beautiful recreation of this work. It is going to be fabulous on a bed. You did a wonderful thing with this project. Thanks for sharing this journey.
    Warmest regards,

  6. i love it but if she had thought she was going to end up with a trip around the world she probably was in shock..sometimes people cannot see any further than that…we quilters have to think ahead of the ‘box’ when we have to do with what we have..i know her grandson will love it and he’s the one who really matters..she will be pleased when she sees he is pleased…a great job..thanks for our ‘trip’ watching you get the job done…

  7. beautiful job. anyone would be happy to receive such a lovely gift. I think I like it better than trip around the world. this is truly an original and you should be very proud. great job. it was a delight watching this come to fruition. can’t wait to see it fully complete, binding and all.

  8. Deanna – What an amazing quilt!! I so hope the owner comes to appreciate it as much as all of us do!! Can’t wait to see it quilted!!

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