Taking A Breather

After the big push of the Rescue Quilt, I am ready for something different.  Something smaller.  Something with no deadlines, pressure or expectations attached.

Something like this….


Ah!  Just what I wanted.

ps–Maybe you will like it, too.  There is a new design idea floating around inside my head.  One layer cake (or four charm packs, not necessarily matching, but it would be easier, or at least coordinated) and some background fabric.  I’m not sure right now how large the finished quilt will be.  I need to sit down and crunch the numbers.  Probably twin size. DT.

10 thoughts on “Taking A Breather

  1. AHHH something different for sure: bright colors, modern pattern and palette -can’t wait to see what happens next . . .breath in, breath out -no expectations -AHHHH

  2. Love that layer cake! I just gave in last month and bought one I really liked – Primitive Snowman or something like that – all blues and whites. I’m ready to go!

  3. i just happen to have 3 charm packs and lots of fabric that would sorta match them all—they are different but in the same color range—so i can make up a 4th…hmmm!!! i think it was me that said this was finish it up year and i have lots of finishes to do but you always have such fun ideas…i LOVE the colors of that layer cake…canhardly wait to see what you have in mind for it!!!!

  4. here she goes again. You go girl. when I recover from my wonderful spring cold, (Maine) of course, I am in hopes to FINISH 1 of my many started projects. I made 16 nice pincushions the past 2 days. Getting ready for a show this weekend. Lots of new stuff. Hand made rugs, totes, pincushions, towels, etc. But I am so glad you are starting another smaller quilt. I’ve never used charm packs. Maybe? no not yet. I swore I would finish the 4 remaining queens I have started. Keep up the good work..

  5. i was just thinking yesterday about a set of charm packs i have–3 or 4 of them–and REALLY wanting something fun to do with them. i too need something new to work on between all the ufos

  6. The fabric looks beautiful! I like using charm packs. Usually after I finish a large or time-consuming project, I opt for something quick and easy…think table runner or table mat. Charm packs are easily sewn into 9 patch blocks which can be cut in half twice (vertically and horizontally). Disappearing nine patch. Then sew 4 together, turning the blocks as you wish.

    Have fun!

  7. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. You did an amazing job with the Rescue quilt; now for some fun, no deadline sewing.

  8. I am just finishing up a quilt with mostly Terrain. I had to buy a piece for the borders. I am hoping I get it and it wasn’t out of stock! I love this fabric. This is my third quilt with it and I think I have enough left to make one more.

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