A Quick (Hundred) Hug

There is a baby coming!  Our second exchange student, Oli, and her husband Tomas have a little one due in May.  Unfortunately, they are in Germany, and all hugs must be delivered by quilt.


Naturally, one hug will not be enough, so Hundred Hugs will need to do the job. The top is finished.  Hopefully it will be basted and quilted this week.


In the process of making those half-square triangles, I have a lot of  bonus triangles begging to have a job.  Hmmm… What shall they do?

4 thoughts on “A Quick (Hundred) Hug

  1. It looks great – love the colors. I guess it’s a boy, unless they don’t care about colors. Now those hst – I’ll bet you have a wonderful idea already!

  2. potholders???? friendship star quilt??? lots of ways to use them..i have a couple of shoeboxes full of them…have to sort them by color and think of something to do with them too..

    love the quilt…i have someone in the family i can make one for now..and i am glad you posted this so i remembered the pattern…i know your friends will love it..

  3. A new baby is always so wonderful! LOVE the top and the backing is adorable! As for the h.s.t. question-well- it is not a secret that these aren’t always my friend but I do have a plan to one day make an entire top out of them copying an antique pattern I’ve got in a book. If that never comes to pass I guess they will be just one more u.f.o. box for my d.i.l. to remember me by! { cowardly,i know}

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