Flimsy Finished

The past few years I pieced many more tops than I finished.  But, this year of slower sewing gives me a chance to catch up and get a few more of those flimsies transformed into functional quilts.


Here is a finished String Twist quilt, thanks to the quilting skills of my friend Shar.  She is just getting started and it is my good fortune to be one of her “guinea pigs.”


Yes, this top has only been waiting around since July 2010.  Obviously, my original plan of this quilt as a Christmas present in 2011 did not happen.  Oh well, at least it is finished now.  Wait no more, you neglected top, you are officially a quilt!


7 thoughts on “Flimsy Finished

  1. It’s beautiful, and Shar may only be getting started, but she’s doing a great job. Yay, a quilt finish! Keep or give away?

  2. Nice result all around. I had read the tutorial when you first posted it and thought, When I find those strings. Well today I finish reorganizing my stash (and pulling backings for several tops and putting away new fabric and left overs) and in the very last tub were all my strings. Hadn’t seen them since I’d moved two years ago. I’d forgotten about the sewing all the way around trick. Glad for the timing of your post.

  3. Time for me to do another String Twist quilt – my string bins are so full I can’t squish another bit of fabric in there. I love that pattern and it is a big hit with my fellow quilters in my charity quilting group too.

  4. i remember this one well…i too have one started and really should finish it as this is my year of the finish….yours turned out beautifully…and the quilting is lovely..the borders just bring out the colors in the blocks so well..you have such a good eye for color…

  5. Thanks everyone for the great comments on my quilting. I have really enjoyed quilting. Deanna has been great to work with.

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