Waste Not

Those little waste triangles left over from the Hundred Hugs quilt (TUTORIAL above) were just begging to be made into something.  Waste not, want not, as the old saying goes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Why not turn the leftovers from a baby quilt into a giftie for the mother?  Quick!  Sketch out the idea before you lose it!


And, ta-dah! Here are the Waste Not Potholders.   A Hundred Hugs quilt produces 56 HSTs. Four potholders use 48 of them.


All scrap using the same-but-different theory (Although I didn’t notice some geese were flying in the opposite direction until I took the pictures.) What do you think?  Silly or worth it?


11 thoughts on “Waste Not

  1. Definitely worth it! I have to make two potholders – I’m only two months overdue now. I might take some of my leftover triangle squares for it. They won’t look like this, sadly. I really like those designs. Great idea! I didn’t even figure out what you were talking about with flying the other way until I looked at that picture for about 5 minutes!

  2. Yep, definitely worth it! Isn’t it amazing that the camera sees what we can’t? I actually like that some of the geese are out of formation!

  3. Definitely not silly. They are lovely! Great idea! I always get a kick out of using up those last bits of a project for some reason. It’s a fun challenge.

  4. Worth it! I save them too. I even sew them before cutting them off by sewing 1/2″ away from the “real” seam. Then when I cut them off they are ready to be trimmed up and used. In practice they just go in a baggy until I am ready to do something with them. But at least they are ready to go when I am.

  5. love it!!! great use of them, and so nice to see you use them. i store them. for what, i do not know. for a one day project, but so far that day has never come…..i keep thinking it will, and i do really believe that it WILL one day, so there they sit…..waiting patiently…..

  6. Totally worth it & not silly in the slightest way! I’m also thinking placemats,table runner etc….. Projects like these always make my scrappy little heart go pitter-pat! Even in my triangle challenged state I do believe I can pull off a pair of these!

  7. love them and what a great idea..like you, Lynn, i sew them before i cut …so much easier..i have a couple of shoeboxes full of them..different sizes but one of these times i will sort by size and i think placemats would be good for me to make..i could use them…thanks for the neat idea…

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