April 350 Block Project Report

Ah, I was worried about April, but it turned out to be my best month so far.

My grand total for the month is 44 blocks.

I reached that total with:

12 Oh My Stars

15 Leader-enders

12 Rescue quilt

1 Hundred Hugs

4 Waste Not Potholders

So, my grand total for the year so far is 133.  I am surprised at how quick the blocks add up even with very limited sewing time.  Thank you, Shelley, for the encouragement this challenge provides.  My projects are growing!

6 thoughts on “April 350 Block Project Report

  1. that hundred hugs should count for more than one block IMHO……one hundred pieces? yep, should be worth something yeah?

  2. Way to go! They DO add up faster than you think. I only did 24, but I was sure before I counted that it wasn’t that many. I’m still behind, but hope to get caught up one of these days. Maybe just need to sit down and do some 9 patches — haha!

  3. good for you!!! i know you will get your 350 in well before the year is over..i haven’t counted mine lately but am going to before the weekend..just out of curiosity…thanks again for all the encouragement you give all of us..

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