QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 1

I’m so excited!

Today is step one of the Super Stars Quiltalong, and it is all about CUTTING. Sorry for no pictures, but I am having a few issues. If anything in the written directions is not clear, please let me know. Let’s get started!

1. If you are using a layer cake, cut 40 of the 10″ squares into quarters, yielding 4 5″ squares from each. You will have two left over.

If you are using charm packs, put all of your charm packs in a pile. It really helps if you have two each of the identical charm pack.

If it is scrappy, raid your scrap bin and cut a lot–160 squares, again, ideally in groups of 2. That is 80 fabrics in all. Or, just make the closest matches you can–in pairs.

But, however you get there, you need 80 pairs of 5″ squares(160 squares in all).

2. Cut (some of) your background fabric into squares.  There will be more cutting of this fabric when we assemble the quilt.  But, for now you need to cut 80 5″ squares and 80 4-1/2″ squares. Set the rest of your background fabric aside.  Clearly label it “Super Stars Quilt” so you don’t accidently cut it up for a different project next week.  🙂

3. Wait in eager anticipation for the next set of directions.  They will be out Wednesday, May 8.

Thanks for joining in. Let me know how this goes.

ps–Initial information and fabric requirements HERE.

8 thoughts on “QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 1

  1. i have about half of my charm squares and will get busy on the rest tomorrow and the background…thanks for getting us started!!!!!

  2. How much background fabric is required. Maybe it’s mentioned somewhere and I’ve missed it? 

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    1. The fabric requirements were in the previous post and I forgot to include a link. Thanks for the reminder. I calculate 4-1/2 yards of background fabric, but you might want to have 4-3/4 just in case. 🙂

  3. waiting for more info before I start cutting….. working on 2 other quilt-alongs/block of the month. interesting to see people talk about using up their stashes; as a new quilter, I’m trying to build a good stash, so that I have fabrics on hand to start new projects.

  4. I have folllowed each step..but cannot sew, and my printer is not working..I hve a very bad eye infection..and this machine will not allow me to save this finall titurol..what can I do? how long will you leave it up..I have all my fabrics ready..only wish the eye Dr. was!!Thanks

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