The Rescue Quilt is back from the quilter, binding attached, and delivered to its original maker, who will stitch the binding down.


If you review back several posts, you can see the whole story, taking the quilt from this,


through this,


to the final product, destined for a grandson’s wedding in the fall.

People have asked several questions:

1. “Why did you do that?”

Well, my first answer was that I may need someone to finish a quilt for me someday.  But,  it is more than that.  I am really paying forward for all the people who helped me as I learned to quilt and sew.  That is how quilting works.

2. “What did you charge?”

Nothing.  She bought the fabric and paid for the quilting.  I can give away things it would be impossible to charge for.  Service is good for the soul.

3. “Why wasn’t she happy?”

She originally thought she was making a Boston Commons quilt.  What she got back most certainly wasn’t a Boston Commons quilt.  But, now that the quilt is finished, she really does like it and she is pleased.  It was such a shock at first.  When I took it back today she was smiling and happy, and said it was beautiful, and her husband looked and asked questions and told her she had chosen nice colors, and all was well. (Yes, that is a terrible run-on sentence, but how else do you explain the flurry of activity that went on in that house when the quilt came out of the bag?)

4. “Would you do it again?”

Well, I need a break right now, but, yes, I would do it again.  I am trying to become a certain type of person, not really a certain type of quilter.  Service and acceptance and tolerance and love are critical to that journey.  Quilts like this help me as much as I hope they help the person I finish them for.


Finally, a big thank you to all of you who followed the journey and were so encouraging.  It would have been much harder without you.

18 thoughts on “QUILT RESCUE: A Final Look

  1. You’ve explained it nicely, and I so admire you for the path you’re on. The quilt is really stunning, and I’m glad she decided she liked it. It’s far more stunning than any Boston Commons I ever saw.

  2. Bless you for what you are doing here….you helped someone in need and did it out of the goodness of your soul. I love to hear stories like this. We all need to aim a little higher and learn how good it feels to do for others.

  3. I have followed the journey you had with this quilt and loved how you “rescued” it. It is a treasure. I also thank you for the questions you answered and especially the answer, ” I am trying to become a certain type of person, not really a certain type of quilter. Service and acceptance and tolerance and love are critical to that journey. Quilts like this help me as much as I hope they help the person I finish them for.” I do think that this is the heart of so many of my friends who are quilters! Our world would be a better place if this philosophy had more followers!

  4. It is so beautiful. Why wouldn’t she like it, she adjed you to help her, and you did! I’d be overjoyed to get this after all this work.

  5. I really think you did a great job…..and it is very pretty. I believe the husband liked it very much. Nice job.

  6. beautiful quilt from a beautiful person!!! i too like it much better than the Boston Commons pattern…you are sweet to do that for her…

  7. I follow you every day..and the final result of this top is beautiful. I have also done these kind of “things” for othres..and have been taken out for a nice lunch a time or 2..people like to find away to say thanks..and $$$ just don’t do it..These are labours of our hearts & fingers..no money can fill that joy spot in our souls. now take a break & do something for yourself. God Bless

  8. The final result is just fabulous. Don’t know if you “saw” it that way in your mind’s eye at the beginning, but the outcome is really something special.

  9. Beautiful! You certainly morphed those Boston Common pieces into a stunning quilt. I love the Baptist Fan quilting design that was done. You have a wonderful caring soul and I thank you for your giving nature.

  10. Deanna – I love you!! You are such an incredible inspiration and blessing to my heart!! The quilt is exceptional and I love your answers to the questions!!

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