QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 2

How did your cutting go? Ready to share pictures? Here are  mine:  colored and background.


Now we are ready for step 2: SORTING.

This isn’t a big step, but it is an important one, and the last step before we get serious about sewing.

Today you need to sort your fabric into 10 piles. Each pile needs to contain

1. 8 5″ background squares
2. 8 4-1/2″ background squares
3. 16 5″ print squares–2 each of 8 different fabrics, or very close matches.

As you create the piles of print squares, you want to keep color distribution in mind. As my colors are very bold, I wanted to make sure the colors were distributed as evenly as possible. Because I am a little obsessive, I created an 8-by-10 grid of color to try to keep a nice mix of color and pattern in each pile. You don’t have to be this picky about it. But, just looking at fabric makes me happy, so I actually enjoy this process.


If you do not have a safe place to put your piles, you might want to get 10 ziplock bags or other storage item and put the piles in there. Label the bags Super Stars Quilt, or you might accidently use the fabric for something else. Put the bags, or safe piles, with your leftover background fabric.


I’ll be back with sewing directions in a few days (Friday). Yay! I am having fun. Are you having fun yet?



If you are just joining us and need the previous steps, here they are

Introduction and Fabric Requirements

Step One

Remember, the entire quilt will be posted as a tutorial when the quiltalong is finished.

4 thoughts on “QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 2

  1. Oh, I wish I were making this right now instead of having to put it off a month or two! I love the piles of color, too. I’m looking forward to doing this one!

  2. mine are in the ‘pastely’ range which is not my favorite so going to find some darker ones to go in with it..today is the day i finish doing my searching and cutting…what fun!!!!

  3. Looks fun so far. I know I hve enough 5″ charms, but need to find some background. i’m thinking a pale aqua, but who knows what I’ll find on a clearance table somewhere.

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