QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 3

Today is the big day when we  take  our lovely fabric and really get sewing. Welcome to Super Stars Quiltalong Step 3: BLOCKS

We are about to make this!


I hope you like stars, but the name of the quilt, Super Stars, should have given you a hint where this was heading. “Super” because the blocks finish at 16″, and “Stars”, well, because they are stars.  Not very creative, but we have to call it something

Let’s get to work!

Get one of your sorted stacks. Set aside the 4-1/2″ squares. They will get their turn shortly.


1. Take the colored squares and arrange them in a circle. Make sure you have nice color distribution and like the look of each color next to the other. This was my original idea, but later on I switched two of the colors because it was too red-orange on one side and too blue-purple on the other, but this gives you the idea.


2. Take the fabric from the circle and lay it in two straight lines starting with Fabric 1. In this picture, the floral at the bottom is number 1.


Now is the color arrangement issue more obvious?  It was to me, so I changed things up a bit.


Ah, much better.  Ultimately, it probably doesn’t really matter.  As far as I can tell, every block is going to look great in the end, so don’t stress about it, just think about it a little bit.

3. In the top row, take each fabric and sew it to a 5″ back ground square to make Half Square Triangles (HST). I like to use the draw-a-diagonal-line-and-stitch-on-both-sides method. For a full explanation of this technique, check out THIS tutorial. She does a great job. When finished you will have 16 HST.


4. In the bottom row, take each fabric and stitch to the one next to it–match up 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8. You will again make HST. When finished you will have 8 HST.

5. Square up. Yes, I know that noone really likes to do this, but it makes such a difference in the results, particularly if you are using precut fabric, which never is exactly-precisely cut. You might have noticed a fringe of the colored fabric peeking out behind the background square in the picture above.  Now you know why I wasn’t worried about it.  Squaring up is your friend. 🙂  You don’t need a 4-1/2″ ruler, but, if you happen to have one, it is really nice. This one came free with a batting purchase.


6. Separate the HST into two matching sets.  In each set you will have four color-color HST and 8 color-background HST.  Add 4 4-1/2″ background squares to each set. (Note to self: I need to add a picture here.)

Using one set, lay out the pieces to create a faux-Lemoyne star.  The center is a pinwheel shape and then the background-color HST form the points. Notice those 4-1/2″ squares have their turn in the corners.



7. Assemble block.

8. Do it again with the other set.   Yes, this is a two-for-one deal!  When you compare the two blocks you will see the color arrangement isn’t exactly the same.  It is fun to try different combinations.

9. Ta-dah!  You have two beautiful Super Stars blocks.  We are going to do this 10 times to create 20 blocks.


The blocks go together quickly.  I am thinking I will get several done in the next week or two.  Please check in and let me know how you are doing.  I hope to be ready for the sashing and assembly in a few weeks.  How does that sound to you?

Also, if you want to send pictures I will be glad to share them in future posts–let us know what fabric you are using and send a snapshot or two of your blocks as they come together.

If you are just joining us and need the previous steps, here they are

Introduction and Fabric Requirements



Remember, the entire quilt will be posted as a tutorial when the quiltalong is finished.

9 thoughts on “QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 3

  1. i LOVE it!!! you know how i love scrappy and half squares!!! what fun…can hardly wait to get started..have most of my pieces cut but will be ready to go tomorrow..thank you!!!!

  2. wow! beautiful! i still havent even chosen my fabric yet LOL i think i am going to splurge and go to the LQS and get a layer cake or some charm packs even……anything other than sorting/digging/pawing through my stash to grab a huge assortment that i will never end up getting put away right…..that is my sentiments right now, after only 2 hours of sleep. i hate insomnia. i am hoping that i go back to sleep soon and wake up more refreshed and then talk myself out of the trip to the LQS…..i have sooooo much fabric here that is just begging to be used….i sure do want to start in on this soon though, and i LOVE that we are making LARGE blocks ;o)

  3. I love the block. I tried to envisage which star it was to be. You got me. I didn’t get this one. I have to work today (Sat.) so I will take my cut fabrics and see if I can get some free time to play. If not, I will start tomorrow when DH goes to work and DS picks up the baby after an overnight stay. Best Mothers day gift I can get, the house to myself and sewing time with a beautiful block. Happy Mothers day to you and all other Mums.

  4. Rats! I haven’t narrowed down my fabric choices yet! I do have my background fabric – that counts for something. I better get busy on Mother’s Day and get my fabrics chosen and cut – yikes!

  5. I was thinking about making some new covers for large pillow I have on my couch. This size will be perfect.

  6. The blocks look sooo good and the directions make it very to be successful with this ! Hope to get to start one soon. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just signed up for your newsletters so haven’t started this one yet. It is gorgeous though and I will be doing it when it becomes a tutorial! Great instructions! Thank you so much!

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