Mother’s day

Ah, Mother’s Day!  We keep it simple here and, with little pressure and few expectations, it generally goes well.

I wanted to recognize mothers.  We ALL have one.  And, to share a few thoughts I have heard so far today:

“Life doesn’t come with a manual.  It comes with a mother.”

“Every time a child is born, so is a mother.”

“Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.”

And, here is a present to each of you who is a mother, or who has a mother:  VIEW HERE. WARNING:  Get a tissue.

Happy mother’s day!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Thank you so much.. We almost lost our daughter this past Tuesday. Accidental overdose on sleeping pills. Thank God he spared her. She has thrown all her sleeping pills away and vows never to take any again. This did make me cry. We did loose a child 12 years ago. So today was very hard. Again Thanks from my heart.

  2. Oh, I know what you’ve been watching! That first quote is one I love, too! But the last one made me laugh. It’s absolutely true! Even the things I never thought would come out of MY mouth. LOL

  3. I learned so many valuable lessons from my mom, not the least of which was how to sew! But she also taught me not to be afraid of snakes and spiders, she taught me not to let anyone treat me like a doormat, she taught all of us kids that children are supposed to be noisy (and the difference between “happy noise” and other kinds of noise), and that children are supposed to get dirty (and that God made us washable) and that children do not live in a democracy. She doesn’t remember who I am any more but I still love to visit her.

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