Super Stars Update

Those Super Stars Quilts are coming together. It is very exciting to see your beautiful fabrics and hear that you are enjoying building these large blocks.

Julie sent pictures of her first blocks all the way from Australia.  Love the grey background. She says:

Here are the first 2 blocks I made to-day. I had a little time to do them. I will get more done this week. They come together so quick.


Lori is building a scrappy one completely from fabric she has on hand, just what I want to do with a future quilt. She says:

They were easy and fun and I made them using 5″ charms from my charm box.  I found a large piece of white background in my basement so maybe it was meant to happen. These finish to 16″–a generous size block, simple but striking.  I will make several at a time and swap out each quarter section to have more random color placement.

Keep those pictures coming!  I will wait a week or two and have the setting and assembly posts up for your finishing pleasure.  Thanks for quilting along with WeddingDressBlue.

If you are just joining us and would like the previous steps, here they are

Introduction and Fabric Requirements



Step Three:  BLOCKS

9 thoughts on “Super Stars Update

  1. Somehow I missed Step 3! I’ll go get it in a minute, but I wanted to tell you that I’ve seen several blogs working on this! I can hardly wait to start my own.

  2. dag nab it! i STILL have not even started ;o( big giant frown here!!! too much living going on around here lately! need to slow it on down some some how, but not really sure how to make that one happen! anyone have any ideas? coz i REALLY want to get moving on this beauty…..however, to be fair, i AM sewing some in my spare time as i am doing a sewalong with judy over at patchwork times……and, i am making 2 of them…..SO many little pieces cut at 1 5/8 in that one so far. LOVE it!!!! but i wanna start this one too…..

  3. have my pieces cut, found enough true white for the background and have some of that cut..will probably be on hold now until after my grandson’s wedding on may 25 what with all my kids coming here for that…but i am thinking about it..i love the pattern..

  4. I’m going to email you pictures of my stars so far (I’m a no-blog person) when I can find my USB cord….but I sure am having fun with this! When I went to cut out my 5″ squares I cut out twice as many as I needed and gave the extras to the leader of our charity quilting group as a door prize at our quilting bee last weekend. She’s always providing door prizes for the rest of us but she never gets one herself. I finally cut into 3 lines of “designer” fabrics I had stockpiled and never used, plus some of my batiks that go with everything. It’s a wild and crazy mix!

  5. Just seeing the pics makes my scrappy little heart go pitter pat! This project is on the get-to list but it will be a while- we’re packing for the great move to be happening in early June. I am a mix of mortified & thrilled as I’ve gotten an unvarnished look at just how much material & such I’ve stockpiled. Just how much does 1 woman need? Apparently a whole h&%l of a lot if my hoarder stash is any kind of yardstick! [no really honey-i NEED all those totes…..]

  6. I have four blocks completed, but since I’m going to make them into pillows for my couch, I’ll wait until they’re finished before sending pictures.

  7. I by-passed your sorting instructions and now I am in deep ??? taking extra time to resort.. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.


  8. These are so pretty! Love the name, too. Now that SCHOOL’S OUT!!! I have a some free time for sewing. I can’t let you quilt-along without me.

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