Tea Towel Treasure

My mother sent me an unexpected package.

Inside was a collection of tea towels


and an explanatory note.


The tea towels are nice and will be used and enjoyed.  The note is a treasure.

Transcript follows:

The story on the towels is thus:

Probably 6 or 7 years ago (I’d like to think it is actually less)  Lynne Jungert went on a passion for T-towels and made a deal with me.  If I would buy the T-towels she would crochet the edges for 3 sets.  She wanted a T-towel for each major holiday or season of the year.  I finally got hers finished a couple of years ago but the sets for Deanna & Kendra languished.  My bucket list resolution to finish projects (or throw away or give away) included these, so here are appliqued holiday crocheted T-towels.  I feel like I have been freed from a huge debt!  Enjoy–because I feel so much better.



Absolute absolution 🙂 !!

ps–To clarify, Lynne is my father’s brother’s (really foster brother, but…) wife.  Kendra is my sister-in-law.

pps–My mother is really funny.

ppps–Did I mention that I like the t-towels?

6 thoughts on “Tea Towel Treasure

  1. How funny is this headline? well funny to me. Your Mums tea towel debt freedom is lovely for her and great for you. My mother-in-law left hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of linen tea towels when she passed in 1980. They are the souvenir ones that she collected on her many holiday trips around Australia. Her friends also contributed to her collection. She would display them at the Country Women’s Association to raise funds. As DH was an only child, you know you ended up with them in her linen cupboard? Yes! me.
    Well I only got 8 down from the top shelf last week, washed, folded and put in my kitchen drawer and threw the old ones in the bin. DH wiped up for me on the week-end and noticed a new towel. He looked at me with an evil glint in his eye and stated that I would never be able to forget her or ever use all those tea towels in my lifetime. We laughed so hard and all I could say was money saved on tea towels was more money for quilt fabric. I got the last laugh.

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