Vintage Sparkle Jane

Sparkle Jane turned 13 on Friday.  What an amazing thing to contemplate!  She is our youngest, after three sons, and a treasure in our lives.

Sunday she wore another vintage dress from her Grandma (my mother) sewn by her Great-grandma.  No zipper replacement on this one.  Just a good Oxyclean soaking and it was ready to go.


She is growing up so fast!

ps–If you follow her blog and wonder what has been going on, she is sewing.  But, between school, music, ballet, church and life generally, there hasn’t been much time for blogging.  I expect she will be more active this summer.  She plans to, at least.

9 thoughts on “Vintage Sparkle Jane

  1. The dress is wonderful, and she looks beautiful in it. She does look very grown up especially in high heels! Your iris blooms are beautiful, too.

  2. That is so heart-warming that she enjoys vintage dresses like that! She does look very grown up and that is a lovely dress.

  3. how wonderful. They do grow up so fast. She is a lovely lady. So wonderful that she enjoys wearing dresses from her grandmother. That is special.

  4. she is an elegant young lady…my grandson will soon be 13—in june—and he is turning into such a nice young man…they grow up so fast….i love the dress..

  5. I remember my mother making me a dress very similar to your’s. It was made with feed sacks. We were poor and most of my dresses were made with this material. Yes, I’m that old. They had such beautiful fabric. I wish I had some now for my quilting. Love the dress and love her hairstyle. Beautiful dress and most certainly beautiful young lady.

  6. How adorable she looks in the dress. What was past is new again! I hope she enjoyed the Jacquie Lawson birthday card I sent. I scheduled it in advance so I wouldn’t forget while my friend is visiting! =)

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