String Twist Finish

If you have a jelly roll laying around and feeling neglected, you might consider making a String Twist quilt.


That is how this quilt started, and I am so pleased to have it finished.

The quilting in the blocks is charming, thanks to Shar.


A quilt in the “finished” pile.  Ta-dah!

8 thoughts on “String Twist Finish

  1. some how I missed this one the first time round. I have been looking for a quilt to make for my niece before she goes to university in the fall. This might work for her. Thanks.

  2. I love that pattern! I need to make another one – my string drawers are crammed full to over-flowing. The situation is desperate.

  3. another one i started when you showed it to us originally but still in the to-finish-pile…so many of those and so little time!!! it is the borders and the quilting is lovely……

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