Seeing (Super) Stars

How are your Super Stars quilts coming along?

Some, I know, are coming along nicely. Like Pat’s. She sent this picture to show her scrappy success.


I am having a good sewing weekend, too. Hopefully, with the long weekend I will get some more done. But, there is that project for young son still in the works.

So, let me know how your stars are coming. If you are just joining us, the instructions can be found at these posts:

Introduction and Fabric Requirements



Step Three:  BLOCKS

I will try to post an update with pictures Monday night. If you have pictures and want to share, just e-mail them (with a link to your blog, if you have one) and I will update everyone.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Seeing (Super) Stars

  1. i still have not even started this! had such a nice day today though! went down the hill (an hour away) to my daughter’s church and then off to the doger game against st louis cardinals (who won-sigh) but what a GREAT day!!! i have 11 kids and 10 of them were there at the game along with my sisters’ families…..then to my sister joan’s house for dinner and a visit–just got home, but not before i stopped at my oldest son’s work to give him a hug and to tell him how much i missed him today–so, it was an 11 kid day after all…..just not all 11 at the same time….i am soooooo incredibly blessed! BUT, tomorrow–I SEW!!!!! AND BBQ some ribs–yum!

  2. I still have not started the sewing but have most of it ready to go as soon as my company glad your almost whole family was with you yesterday lynne … mine was! my second grandson was married Saturday and all 5 of my grandkids were in the wedding…and my whole family was here together for 5 whole days…how great is that????

    when the rest go home sunday I will sew…we are truly blessed…

  3. These are definitely on my list…and hopefully coming to a sewing machine soon! I’m still trying to catch up from 2 weeks without Internet. Think I’ll be dreaming of stars tonight.

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