Here Are My Super Stars

There is one week of school left, so I haven’t had much sewing time. But, this weekend I did get a little done and am very pleased to see my collection of stars growing.


Eight stars. Only 12 to go! These go together so quickly. Squaring up might be the longest step, but it is one well worth taking. It makes the rest easy.

I am thinking I will be ready for the next step, cutting sashing and setting fabric, in about two weeks.  Then assembly and a quilt show! Maybe with a prize? What about June 15?  Or would another week help?

15 thoughts on “Here Are My Super Stars

  1. love your choice of fabrics -so bright and cheery. thanks for sharing your progress and those of others- maybe one day I’ll get to do this one . . .

  2. I’m like the kid in the candy shop! I want to do one of these. I was thinking in the ’30’s fabrics, then for quilts of valor, then I thought in solid rainbow order! Forget all the UFO’s in the cupboard!

  3. I have a show coming up & a challenge–making any size quilt but of only one color & I have chosen blue. Thread can only be the same color or white or cream. Does anyone have a suggestion? I am definitely using your gr8 stars. I was thinking of making different size stars. Again, any suggestions. I’m enjoying your site & love your stars! Thx

  4. still not cut here…..oh i wish i could just grab some stuff and get on with it!!! did get 5 borders on a quilt today though, so that is finally done for now. quilting is gonna come some time later…..maybe tomorrow i will get something started on this!!!
    i think it is because your fabrics are SO stinking cute, and mine are all icky to me now…..and, searched the world over for some charm packs locally to no avail. of course there is the internet for shopping, but i am forcing myself to NOT BUY FABRIC!!!!! i have TONS. it would not be a good steward to purchase anything new–so, i just HAVE to bite the bullet and choose something and get er done…..

    good pep talk. maybe i will do it now….

    1. great pep talk! like your idea of “patriotic” or “valor” theme- I bet I do have fabrics along those lines and follow DO NOT BUY FABRIC (just yet :). I may do this in Christmas fabrics -just need to decide . . .

  5. I’ve had mine done for a week and a half. Waiting patiently for you. I am leaving for Vegas on the 23rd June so I will have to wait till I get home if your instructions come after the 15th. I’m really looking forward to the next step.
    I am making an overnight bag at the moment to use as carry on luggage (wedding quilt holder) and need to make a nappy bag for DH mates daughter. I have it cut out and will put my bag aside and start it tomorrow after work. Time will get away on me real soon.

  6. since i have several unpleasant things to do today, and i am a KNOWN procrastinator and avoider, you KNOW i will be working on this today LOL

    i had thought of christmas fabrics and even located them when cleaning out in the garage yesterday. too bad i didn’t get them down off the high shelf that i blocked with MANY other boxes…..

    scrappy it is going to be! now, off to get the background fabric figured out.

  7. guess who has all of her charms cut? yes, that would be me! and, need to press the nice crisp solid white before i get that cut…..looks like that pep talk worked after all ;o)

  8. Finally finished mine yesterday! I will be on a sewing retreat June 13-20th where there is no phone or internet so I will catch up with your finishing instructions when I get back! We have to pack in EVERYTHING for this retreat: our Singer featherweights, sewing projects, some hand-work, change of clothing and food! It’s at a place called Ross Lake Resort and we love it. Hard work to get there, but totally worth it.

  9. THANK YOU!!!!! these are FUN!!! and, they have really ministered to my spirit and soul….i have been in a funk lately. there is a reason God hates divorce, and boy howdy, was ours messy. it continues to be so unfortunately……so, i was having a bit of a struggle with a pity party and “no one understands me” fest–YUCK!!!

    finally getting to sit down and sew some of these stars together has really brought me peace. i have 8 of them together and they are simply gorgeous! i have to stay up late tonite, 3 hours more to go before one of the girls is off work….so i may work on a few more of them tonite yet.

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