What Have I Been Doing? It’s Intense!

The last week of school before Christmas, and again in the spring,  is known as Intensive Week at the school where I teach.  Rather than the traditional time-fillers of a movie or games as the children grow restive, we cut off regular instruction and each child chooses a seminar-style class that runs for the entire week, 8:30am-3pm.  It is a change for the better that uses time wisely and gives everyone a chance to try something different.


You might remember that at Christmas I taught a course on Microwave Cooking.  This time it was Crochet.  The joke is that, as a language arts teacher, what I seem to always end up with is Non-fiction Reading Comprehension.


Whatever you call it, Crochet or Non-fiction Reading Comprehension, it was a fun week.  And some Crochet got done.


Most of the students were bare beginners, but we managed to tackle chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitches with courage and perseverance.


By the end of the week people were tired and a little silly, but there was a sense of accomplishment, and many finished items of use and beauty. Here are some of them, but not nearly all of them.


And now we are out for the summer.  I have goals.  What about you?

15 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing? It’s Intense!

  1. Wow! clever kids. I wish I had a teacher like you at school. I never could master crochet. The kids look so focused on their work.

  2. that is wonderful!!! something that they can use for the rest of their life..it is a calming soothing craft and so many times we need something like that..

    what are my goals for this summer??? mostly of the sewing kind of things.. my daughter and grands have all been here the last couple of weeks and I have ‘orders’ from them all so sewing I must do!!!! they are my best customers.. so I have many goals and hope I can get them all done plus all the things I had on my want-to-do list before they got here…

  3. That is brilliant! I really love the idea. I’ve always hated how the last week of school gets wasted. What other classes were offered?

    1. Other classes offered included art (camping and landscape drawing), kayaking, engineering (building model bridges), tesselating art, drama (As You Like It by Shakespeare). Demanding on teachers. Fun for all.


      1. I thought of this again today and was discussing it with my friend. We both agree that this is a brilliant way to use the last week of school. When I have kids someday, I’ll have to try to convince their school to implement this idea.

  4. That’s a wonderful idea your school has. Something concrete and useful comes from the time. Lovely projects they did. I do have goals for the summer – quilt and survive the heat! =) Life is simple when you are old. LOL

  5. That is such a good idea, and the students will have a sense of accomplishment when the afghan is finished. I hope some of them will continue with their crochet.

  6. Nothing is quite so satisfying and lovely as a group of scrappy granny squares! I for one applaud your non-fiction reading endeavors- I’m so tired of all of the abbreviated,non-words that the young are calling language on social media my teeth go to edge just talking about it. I only recently learned they don’t teach cursive anymore. Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this? Have a blessed summer break-you surely have learned it!

  7. such a wonderful project and a great use of time. For a few years I volunteered at my daughter’s school and taught knitting. \it was very well received. Now my niece has finished her teacher training and will be teaching english and arts at the high school level. She plans to incorporate textiles including knitting in her program.

  8. My goodness, I wish my school had done something like that! Watching movies to kill time was fine for me, but a bit boring, but as I was very antisocial being forced to play games with other students always made me uncomfortable. If there’d been seminar-style classes for me to go to instead, I could have at least learned new skills or refined old ones, and used my time more productively.

    More schools ought to do things like this, I think.

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