May Report: 350 Blocks

May was a busy month, finishing school and many family activities, and sewing things other than quilts.

But, I did finish a few blocks for my 350 block goal .

My count for the month is 17.  Only 17.  Drat!

It was two Oh My Stars blocks, six Leader-ender blocks, nine Super Stars blocks.

Even with so few blocks in May, I am at 150 for the year.  Not quite where I wanted to be, but better than nothing. Here’s hoping for more sewing in June.

5 thoughts on “May Report: 350 Blocks

  1. Summer is here, and I bet you go over every month, so you will catch up. Actually, you aren’t behind, averaging 30 blocks for 5 months is 150, so you are right on target! And the first month, we only sewed about half the month, so you are actually about 12-15 blocks ahead!

  2. I have to got to start my count or I should say add to it..i started out doing just fine and so many things came my way to sew for others and I just have not kept up with it…I think I might be in the 100-120 range by now. .but still not as many as I would like to have done..

  3. i havent kept track, but think it would be fun to do. i think i could easily count june’s up. hahaha! seeings how we are only on day two! off to a great start though with some of my large stars getting done.

    and, may was no slacker month either with a couple of quilts being done. one had 35 blocks in it ;o) yeah!!! go me! throw in a few BOM’s and i know i was over 50 for the month…….

    off to go get two more stars done. i have 3 more sets of two to finish up. since i am watching grandkids tonite til LATE, i just might get them done tonight if i dont succumb to a nap…..

    then, judy at patchwork times is starting a sewalong tomorrow, and i need to pull my fabrics for that.

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