The King Is Here

A few weeks ago I posted this picture as  preview and asked for guesses.


Wow, you guys are astute and creative.  The guesses were  really close, really creative, or both.

i cannot imagine what that is other than moccasins that go to the knee—whatever they would be called..some part of a costume…

Looks like feathers to me — perhaps an eagle costume?

Fish tail?


I’m guessing a cumberband.

He has a part in the school play and he’s the Tree Trunk?

14th -16th century play. maybe a Shakespearean play? Kind of looks like a Mcbeth sleeve.

I am so curious.. Can’t wait.

I’m thinking costume too; perhaps Romeo’s?


Hmmm…young son is planning to go to the Renaissance Fair?

Wings…. bird wings.


But, the final answer is….KING COSTUME.


Young Son is participating in pairs ballet and will be doing his first performance the end of the month.  As he is new at this, his part is small.  But, he has practiced hard at keeping his partner safe and making her look good.


And he is looking pretty good in his costume.  It needs a few adjustments, but this is close.

PS–A few notes on Young Son.  He turned 15 in February.  He is 6’6″  (198 cm) tall.  That is really TALL for any age, but particularly for 15.  He does not like basketball.  He enjoys fishing, music, reading and cooking.  He is clever with his hands. He is very kind.

PPS–A few notes on the costume.  Because Young Son is…well…the size he is, purchasing clothing is  a problem.  Standard costumes start at $100, but he can’t wear “standard.”  Custom…well, let’s not even talk about cost there.  We asked the choreographer what she had in mind.  I searched out pictures and discussed options.  Then, it was time to combine refashioning and the big pile of junk.  The crown is satin fused to Peltex (very heavy interfacing) with plastic “jewels” hot-glued in place.  Husband designed the layout.  The under-robe started as a mens golf shirt cut to be form fitting with the sleeves eliminated.  The velvet sleeves were, I think, a part of an old skirt. I don’t really remember where it came from, but I had it on hand.  The shirring was done using elastic thread.  The tunic was a curtain (thrift store) with upholstery trim as the braid (garage sale some time ago).  The belt was from the thrift store.  Total cost: about $12

11 thoughts on “The King Is Here

  1. I have twin Grandsons who are 13 (March). One is 6’6″ w/ his brother being 6’4″. Their two older brothers are 6’9″ (he is 17) and 7’4″ (he’s almost 19 and has slowed in growth, thankfully!). My daughter and I have started making their shirts because we can’t find them big enough to be cost effective. I draw the patterns on newspaper paper.

  2. It looks magnificent! There won’t be one better. Very royal looking. And … he can wear it to the Ren Faire! =)

  3. The sewing retreat I go to in May and September is also attended by the chief costumer for a local orchestra/ballet company. She would capture you like the game of Capture the Flag! She makes costumes like this for Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, etc. and we get called over to her table to serve as dressmakers’ dummies (or just dummies) from time to time. It’s very educational and fun. I admire your can-do spirit and creativity!

  4. great job…he looks very regal…ps. not trying to be a dummy here but is the part we were to guess on the bottom half of the sleeve?? that is a great costume..i wish him luck and I know he will make his partner look good but he will also look just as good..

  5. Such a handsome young man!!! And I thought my Cooper was tall for 15 measuring in at 6’3″….but 6’6’….that’s impressive! I was so curious what it was going to be! Love the costume, excellent work!

  6. Wow! Looks great! If you ever would want some “real” ballet mens tunic patterns, go to It wouldn’t be very hard to size up their patterns to match his measurements!

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