With school out I thought there would be a lot of time for sewing…and, there has been some. But, there are distractions.

The peonies are blooming (Symbols of yard work, generally) …


There are spontaneous crochet projects that get into my head and beg to be done (Did I really NEED a large basket crocheted out of rope?)…


And, there is cleaning. A lot of cleaning.

I don’t really spring clean. I Christmas-To-New-Years clean and I School-Is-Out clean. Well, school IS out, and I have really got the cleaning bug. I set a goal to clean one area of the house each day all summer long. Notice that I say “area” not “room.”  A room at a time is a lot.  But, a single drawer or shelf is do-able.  Sometimes it really is only a drawer, but multiplied 90 times it still adds up to many cleaned spaces.

So far, I have held to my one-a-day schedule.  Today it was part of our food storage room (pantry).  Tomorrow is the downstairs closet, where I store quilts and batting and Sparkle Jane stores some of her fabric.  Wish us luck!  This is a “cleaning together”  project.  Always more challenging than cleaning alone, but I believe we will succeed.

5 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Yes, I believe you DO need that basket! And the flowers are beautiful. Cleaning is always there to be done, never finished. Small bites, then enjoy the flowers and some quilting time! No one gets to my age and says, “Gee, I wish I’d wasted … er, spent … more time cleaning my house.”

  2. I really have the cleaning bug myself..while my kids were here we made a ‘trek’ up to the attic…this is a finished off attic where we all have stuff stored..first my oldest grandson wanted to go up and see about his stuff that I told him I had..we brought both boxes downstairs and sorted and emptied..i now have extra towels and sheets and a charity has men’s clothes that they really need..this was stuff he left here after college 7 years ago..and of course there is a lot of other stuff up there so my summer project will be to sort, rebox and clean the attic..

    I love that basket and want to make one..my peonies aren’t in bloom yet—but are budded…

    1. The basket pattern is my interpretation (on a larger scale) of a tutorial. Here is the link to the post where I made some out of fabric. When I was gifted this rope? macrame cord? very think yarn? I decided to give a larger basket a try. This one of just over 12″ across. I still haven’t really decided what to do with it, but I love looking at it.


  3. I might add that my hands are sore and tired and a little bit chemical burned. I started spring/ any season cleaning. I took 2 days and tore my kitchen apart. Just finished at 2 this afternoon. That makes 4 rooms down and 4 to go. The worst room will be my craft room. Oh Lord give me strength! This old girl is tired. ( 70 ) We have a realtor coming this Friday to put our house on the market. After all that cleaning it hopefully will sell quickly. We decided that it had to go. We are too old to take care of so much. Now we just have to sell it and find a small (but with a big space for my quilting) place. I truly love that basket. HINT! Pattern please!

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