Refashioning Those Shorts

A little over a year ago Husband’s favorite shorts were sent to the fabric-in-the-shape-of pile.  And there they sat.


Last week, Daughter’s swimming pool bag was declared dead, too, and not even good enough for the pile.


Today, in a sudden burst of inspiration, the shorts became a swim bag.  With flair.


She likes it.  Tomorrow…to the pool!

ps–A few notes.  The cuff from the bottom of the legs is the lining for the handles.  Very sturdy.  And a good length.  I had some pre-made piping that helps to set off the boundary between the denim and the new bottom fabric. The bag is fully lined and has a zipper on the top.  There is also a zippered security pocket on the inside made of the legs, what little there was left. The pockets are all fully functional.  Good for holding bottles of sunscreen. I should have pictures of the process, but I was more focused on creating than picture taking.  Bad blogger me!


10 thoughts on “Refashioning Those Shorts

  1. Did you have more of the same material you used on the first swim bag? If so, that is amazing! Love the refinish.

  2. I love that and know daughter does too…my grandson recently moved out—to get married of all things–and left me with some of his clothes he’d outgrown (the marines keep you quite fit and no matter how much jogging he does he can’t seem to stay quite that trim) and among them were two pairs of jeans almost worn out..what a great idea for them…thanks for showing us are the best refashioner I have ever known…

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