The Big Clean: Young Son 2013

Today was Young Son’s turn for the Big Clean.  Same routine:  *Gasp* at the overwhelming clutter,


Empty the room to the bare walls, usually except for the bed frame.


Be amazed that the contents of a normal sized bedroom can completely fill a  living room staging area two or three times the size.


Then, every single item must be touched and either put away, given away, thrown away…


He got a new quilt for his bed, the string twist quilt I finished a couple of months ago.  The kite above the bed is a special one his paternal grandmother got him years ago.  It has long been a favorite.

Young Son was diligent, but kept getting distracted by all the cool stuff he had nearly forgotten he had.  It is, though, done in time for him to make his Boy Scout meeting tonight:  Fly fishing.  Something he really is interested in, more than cleaning, for sure. On his way out that sweet boy said, “Thanks, Mom.  Every year I wonder why we have to do this.  And, then, when we empty the vacuum cleaner, I remember why.”

10 thoughts on “The Big Clean: Young Son 2013

  1. what fun!! I know the children don’t think it’s fun but I love to organize and just look at all the fun things you find that you’ve forgotten you had..the quilt is the perfect finishing touch…love the kite..

  2. This was very useful. Great training for your kids who must feel great when they move into their “new” rooms. Thanks.

  3. even though it is such a big job, it is a great idea. imagine doing that in my sewing room, I\d find so many ufo’s I’d not get to start a new project for ages.

  4. “Young Son was diligent, but kept getting distracted by all the cool stuff he had nearly forgotten he had.”

    That was my problem with cleaning my room when I was younger. I’d start, and then discover a bunch of stuff I’d misplaced and now wanted to use again, and then the cleaning would slow down and it may or may not get finished that day.

    Didn’t help much that my parents didn’t seem to understand that in order for a thing to get cleaner, it had to get messier first. Clutter to be looked through, discarded, rearranged, and if they came in halfway through they’d just get angry at me because it looked like I’d be wasting my time and creating a bigger mess. :/

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