QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 4

Today is Step 4:  MORE CUTTING  This time it is sashing and the outer border.  Before we get started, let me explain my thinking.  Sometimes, when the border and sashing are made from the same materials, I like to carry the sashing pattern to the outer edge.  There are a few advantages.  It is easy to cut and it helps to avoid the plague of wavy borders that seems to trouble some quilters.

That said, the directions I am about to give will create a pieced border that is an extension of the sashing.  If you don’t like or don’t want to try that method, wait to cut until I post final directions, very soon, and then you won’t be annoyed with me.

Otherwise, if you want to take a chance, get out your background fabric and CUT.


You need to cut  49  rectangles 4-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ and 30 4-1/2″ squares.  Cut the squares from the scraps AFTER you cut the rectangles.

I originally said you would need 4-3/4 yards of background.  I am sorry for that error.  It is really more like 5-3/4 yards.  That is because you can only really get 2 16-1/2″ rectangles from each WOF.  I should have taken that into consideration.  If you don’t mind piecing them, you can do the quilt with less yardage, but I like my sashing whole.

To take a look at the previous steps, they are here:

Introduction and Fabric Requirements



Step Three:  BLOCKS

I am assembling my top soon. Very exciting!  I love how the stars pop.

3 thoughts on “QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 4

  1. I don’t mind piecing them. I scrap everything! The pieces aren’t going to be all one background anyway. =)

  2. Argh! have to wait, no time this week to start. I still need to do some sewing for my trip. Thought! if you cut a 16 1/2″ strip across the width of fabric and sub cut that into 4 1/2″ pieces, would that use less fabric? No, probably it would use the same amount. Sorry for the ramblings of an early morning brain that hasn’t had breakfast yet. Need to move as baby sitting the little ones to-day.

  3. Please note – I always cut all borders and sashing lengthwise on my fabric. It helps to stabilize the quilt since fabrics stretch when cut cross grain (selvedge to selvedge). I cut my binding 2 1/4″ wide cross grain. I like a dark fabric for this because visually it ‘stops’ the eye and forces you to look inward to the blocks.

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