Refashion Challenge: Does Barbie Count?

If you have not been following the Refashion Runway challenge sponsored by the Renegade Seamstress, you have been missing out.  This week, I felt up to the challenge of a copycat refashion to match a designer/runway outfit.

Does Barbie count as fashion or designer?

Dolls of the World® France Barbie® Doll  -

This great gingham check shirt was gifted to me as fabric because of a torn place by one of the buttons.


After cutting it apart, there was plenty of  fabric.  Nearly all the shirt was used–front, back and sleeves–to give volume to the skirt.  Barbie wears a black belt, but I had this piece of red waistband elastic.  And, that seemed to work well, too.


Sparkle Jane accessorized her own way, but it makes for a cute outfit at a bargain price.  The shirt-to-skirt–FREE!  Shoes and shirt–thrifted at $3 each.  Necklace, hat and bracelet were items on hand.


If you look close, you can see the remnants of the skirt’s past…but that is not as important as its happy present function.


Once again, Sparkle Jane found herself all dressed up with no place to go.  Drat!  The outfit will go to church tomorrow, and Sparkle Jane consoled herself for today with a trip to the pool with her friend Katie…with her refashioned swim bag from a few weeks ago.

20 thoughts on “Refashion Challenge: Does Barbie Count?

  1. Yo always do incredible things with reclaiming fabrics…she looks adorable. I had to look twice to see if she was a barbie doll..she is just gorgeous.

  2. Aren’t you the clever one. Sparkle Jane is so lucky to have such a talented mom as you are. Keep on girl. I try to recycle as often as I can. If I can’t give it without blemish I try to cut and salvahe what I can to incorporate it into some quilts or saved in my odds stash.

  3. Very cute! And the former placket is a daring “design element” now 😀 The red belt is just the right touch, but different belt/hat/jewelry/purse/shoes and it’s a whole new look.

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