QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 5

It is time for Step 5:  Assembly!


It is embarrassing, but I got so focused on putting the top together that I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures.  Hopefully, the explanations will be sufficient, but, if not, ask questions, please.

First, lay out your 20 blocks in a 4 wide and 5 long pattern.  You can use the picture as a reference. It probably doesn’t matter too much, but I do like to check that identical prints aren’t touching and that I don’t end up with big color blobs accidently.

Then, assemble each of the five rows using your 4-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ rectangles as sashing in between.  Each row will use 5 rectangles. Take the time to iron.  I like to iron away from the colored stars because it seems to be easier than folding all that piecing back on itself and adding bulk.  That means that the seam allowances on the rows all point towards the sashing.

Now, build sashing strips for between the rows.  Each strip will start and end with a 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ square and then alternating 4-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ rectangles and squares in between.  You will build 6 strips. On these strips, I iron all seam allowances away from the squares towards the rectangles.  This will make the sashing nest with the rows when you do the final assembly.

Finally, you have only 10 long seams to go.  Sew the sashing strips to the colored star rows.  Again, ironing is very important.  I iron after each seam.  Otherwise, it is a lot to handle at the end.



Your finished top measures 84-1/2″ x 104-1/2″.  Large enough for a queen size bed.  Simple, but bright and happy!  Enjoy!


Please share pictures of your finishes as they come….I love to see them!



I will compile all of the steps into a tutorial and share that later on in the week.  Thanks to all who have, or who will, quilt along.  I hope to get this top to a quilter soon and have a new happy quilt at my house, soon.

6 thoughts on “QUILTALONG: Super Stars Step 5

  1. I love it..i have decided this is going to be my new summer quilt—with very low loft batting..i will use it for a bedspread…I only have a couple more things to do on my to-do list and I will finish it..everything is cut but the sashing..so pretty and I do love the seams instead of one long piece of sashing between…thanks for doing this for us..it is beautiful…and thanks for all the helpful tips while assembling it…

  2. beautiful colors
    it will be a while before I can do it. but I am looking forward to it. I have 2 plastic bins full of scraps. phew!

  3. It looks wonderful! It’s one I want to make, and I’m saving up scraps again, because this takes bigger ones. I do like the white between the blocks. It looks like the stars are floating out there.

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