Chicken Update

Those little chickens are nearly two weeks old and providing much more entertainment than we anticipated.


They have all survived, thus far, and even flourished. The growth is surprising and you can see changes daily. Sort of like human babies, but faster.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday they had a long play time outside, in an enclosure.  Babies that size would be tasty treats for any number of other creatures.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and are now securely resting in their inside box next to my computer.

8 thoughts on “Chicken Update

  1. Indian Runner Ducks are absolutely the funniest. they are upright in nature and flock together when they run around. A friend of mine keeps all sorts of fowl, and they are the most picturesque.

  2. Khaki Cambell’s are a runner duck cross, developed to lay 300 + eggs a year, and they do stick together, their long necks stickin g up. I often think you could just braid them! I think ducks have great personalities. My grandson has a chicken ( still a baby in the house) cross between a favorolle and a fizzelle. Feathers are coming in curled. She rides around on his shoulder like a parrot.

  3. I think baby chicks are the cutest things..i have a friend who raises chickens and they are so fun to watch…they seem to have a ‘herding’ mentality..what one does they all do…I know you are enjoying them and will enjoy the fruits of their labor when they grow up—which doesn’t take long…sitting with your eyes closed listening to them ‘chat’ to each other is so soooothing…

  4. so adorable. I remember when I lived on a farm, my mom would hatch chicks in an incubator. it was the most fascinating experience watching them from birth to laying their own eggs.

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