Seam Rippers

After seeing the nifty gadget my father made for me, several of you inquired about getting one of your own.


These beautiful handmade seam rippers  are available for $20, including shipping in the US. Please inquire for other shipping destinations.


Remember that they are two-sided, with both a large and small ripper head. And, wow, are they sharp and easy to use! Do you get annoyed trying to use hold those tiny handles on most seam rippers? Oh, you will love this one. The handle is about 3-1/4″ long, and fits my hands much better than any other seam ripper I have used.

Yes, I am probably biased, but I just love mine!

Just leave a comment or e-mail me to order yours.

13 thoughts on “Seam Rippers

  1. Okay, I’ll bite. =) I can actually afford that, right this minute, and I’ll pay now, but don’t send until mid-August, when I’m back home. One of these days I’m ordering the quilt rack, too!

  2. Yes, I would love one of these!!!! Do you have a paypal address? It really looks comfortable. Sharon Lozano

  3. Fantastic! Two seam rippers in one. And I might not misplace it as often. Sign me up for one. Please advise how to pay. I really enjoy your posts. It’s a glimpse into a world of color. Thank you for brightening my days.

  4. it is a work of art but one of the things I have not mastered using in my 50 plus years of sewing is using a seam ripper..i have ripped up more things trying to use them..but I can see that anyone who has mastered it would love one..

  5. Hi, I am definitely a gadget lover and seam rippers are my favorite. I would definitely like to buy one. Let me know when and how…Thanks and you so blessed to have a Dad to make these for you!

  6. I think that these are beautiful and would love one! Would you please send me the info on how to order and pay?

  7. I would love one of these! The Wenge wood or Colorado Aspen are most appealing. Just need PayPal info. I have been VERY good this week and deserve this treat!


  8. I believe that I would love to purchase one of your double-ended seam rippers. It’s too bad that we even need to use them but they might as well be beautiful. Please let me know details on ordering. Thank you.

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