Honest Opinion

A while back I got this idea to make a scrappy quilt called Mixed Blessings.  The idea was to use small squares of a variety of sizes to create blocks, then combine it all into a postage stamp-sort-of quilt.


Here is a piece of the idea.  I have several blocks made, but can’t decide how I feel about it.


This isn’t much of a sample, but it does give the basic idea.  What do you think?


35 thoughts on “Honest Opinion

  1. I like the concept. I think it will depend on how you distribute the larger squares because they draw attention to themselves. I like the 3/4 square of whites and neutrals–again it stands out and will have to be placed where you want a focus. Maybe do it one or two more times and place strategically.

  2. I like the idea of adding sashing to the blocks. I like blocks that are defined. Kind of structure among the chaos.

  3. Well – guess I am the “bad guy” here – but honestly, I do not care for that layout. You know I think your work is great, but you asked us to be truthful.
    I am more of a “balanced” person – which can be boring. I cannot put my finger on “what” I do not care for but I think it is that my eye is immediately drawn to the large yellow – so maybe I is the amount of contrast that bothers me.
    . I hope you know my comments are made with kind thoughts! It is really hard for me to make a negative comment about someone’s work – and of course this is ONLY my opinion. 😉

  4. Honest but hopefully not hurtful. The concept is right (small squares of a variety of sizes, to create blocks) to combine into a postage stamp quilt.
    I think the emphasis should be small squares. It is the large squares that seem to unbalance the look to me. I think the small squares and the mid size squares play nicely together but the large ones jump out at me. Keep going, I know you will work your usual magic on it all.
    ps. My star quilt is 2nd on my “to quilt” list for Monday. Looking forward to doing it.

  5. I love the medium and small squares but do think the larger ones might not be as successful. I also think that the lighter colored section doesn’t really work. the way they kind of outline a block, if it was a solid block made up of light blocks I think it could be a nice focal, but as it is it seems out of place in the quilt as a whole. Someone at my guild meeting last night showed a quilt with this kind of idea, I will try to remember to log you back to the picture when I get it blogged for the re-cap. I’m sure it will turn out amazing! 🙂

  6. I would rather see the larger pieces making a center block together. I think maybe with doing that you can put the lighter color blocks together with the small pieces surrounding it.

  7. I usually love everything you do..but this???feels like a “not good for anything else” project..and you do so many nice & worthy things..maybe use as a back of a quilt?Sorry,this is just NOT you.

  8. I like the idea – the current selection of blocks you have just isn’t singing to me… yet (?) Your use of sashing and framing in your other scrappy quilts makes them play nice together – no matter the fabrics. It gives the eye a place to rest. This one has no resting place. I don’t know if it is a matter of adding more lights – or just saving each of these blocks for something else. No matter what you decide – I still love how you use even the littlest bits!!! 🙂

  9. I like the concept of mixed sizes. I particularly like the darker squares framed by the lighter ones. The thing that throws the whole project off for me is the two large blue and one large yellow square. They look like they fell our of nowhere and make it very discordant.

  10. I like it it. The suggestion of not too many big squares is good–just enough big ones to emphasize the difference in sizes. Big squares maybe only in darks? The lighter the square the more you see it. I am planning to make a doll quilt for a little girl–I think a scrappy quilt like this would be perfect.

  11. hi now I love your blog an your work this quilt with all the mix’s colors ok the mixtures of how they are set in design sorry just does not suit my eyes oh please do not be mad

  12. My first thought was “meh”. I think because the eye has nowhere to rest. Others suggest sashing strips and I think that could be the solution to making it pop while calming down the “busy-ness”

  13. havent read any of the other comments yet, but cant wait to see what they all say….dont want to be swayed from my initial feelings.

    feelings that are mixed lol, just like the blessings. my first impression is wowie, there sure is alot going on there! and, a bit tooooo busy for me. not really having a place to rest the eyes. my second impression though, is well, that would just be so wonderful as a “down memory lane” quilt. keeping on down the list of impressions are how you could do a totally cool one color quilt–all blues, or purples etc….now that would be really neat. really amazing background for some appliqué on a neutrals scrappy…..my mind just had a field day with all the possibilities ;o)

    it sort of reminds me of a quilt that i did as a mystery by deborah cohen. a VERY scrappy background with framed focus fabrics. google it. as i don’t have mine posted anywhere i dont think….

    it may be something i would do, but probably not…..now, off to go see what others said ;o)

  14. I like to think that at my age I would be ever so careful of what I say, but honestly I really don’t like it. If you had them seperated by a solid lighter color it might work. but all together like that, not so much. It kind of looks like you just wanted to do it to get rid of scraps. Yes, I know that is the main reason for a scrap quilt but this MMM, no. Sorry. Hope
    I didn’t offend you. Your work is always a pleasure to see and I love your tutorials.

  15. I think it is ok as a scrappyt — at least as good as many other “non-descript scrappies” I’ve seen online — BUT, I LOVE the idea of sashing it with piced sashing made up of only the neutrals — would need to calculate the sizing of the colored blocks though and figure out the # of neutral squares in each sashing. Don’t think the large squares would be bothersome IF that sashing was consistent throughout the whole project.
    Once you get borders on, it will look different — maybe you even need to use borders of the colored small OR medium squares?

  16. well I love it but then you knew I would..i have tried mixing sizes of squares to make a quilt similar to this and just could not get it to fit together but have it on the back burner to try one more time..i personally think when the top is done the bright larger squares will really set it off..the only one I do not like is the block outlined in the pastels..think the pastels should be mixed in with a block and not in a line like that..

    I have made 2 similar only same size squares and I just loved them…I did put in black but not as a border…it seems to me that scrap quilts—my favorite kind—should have black in them somewhere but that is just me..

    but I really do honestly love it..this is my kind of quilt top and one of these days I will end up making one..

    and I like the name–mixed blessings or as I would probably call it if it was mine—scrap heaven…

    keep on working on it..it will turn out great…don’t sew the blocks together til you have them all done…then you can mix and match and move around..

  17. Wow is this busy! How about a place to rest the eyes? I suggest trying a rectangle of solid dark fabric or white where you have the tiniest squares combined with a larger square.

  18. wow. maybe I should have read the other comments first. anyway… I lovelovelove it. it is a bit busy, yes, but perhaps if you used a black border, that would calm it down when you’re done. what could really be the tipping point/ final selling point is if these are all “special” scraps. can you look throughout the quilt, and see special dresses, shirts, other quilts, curtains, what not…? if so, that makes this quilt so much even the better! it does needa bit of calming down, but the black border/ even sashing (still eclectic) would be great.

  19. Wow – you are such a brave lady!! I guess I am just not secure enough in my own work to put myself out there like that. I am just beginning to enjoy scrappy quilts as mine are usually more monochromatic and have so far only finished about 5. But I truly enjoy watching what you do and am interested in what you will do with this.

  20. I don’t think the one block with all of the very lights fit’s in at all and the big orange block and the big blue grab too much attention where as the big big purple seems to blend in quite well
    Maybe with sashing between the blocks it might help but I’m not convinced that it will I hope someone will prove me wrong. Sorry to be so negative but you did ask for an honest answer

  21. I like the concept, but the actual is not working for me at this point. Before deciding, I would want use some image software and paste together a couple of copies of this photo, perhaps 4 images together to form a larger quilt and then see what it looks like. The large pieces of fabrics aren’t balanced with those of tiny pieces, but that is probably because they are so out numbered. Also, try adding some sashing strips here and there, they will give some resting space for the eyes. Not to sash around a complete block unit , but along a side or two here and there.

  22. I like the concept but, don’t really care much for the design. I think some sashing might do it justice.

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