Still In Love: A Quilt Finish

It has been going-on two-and-a-half years since I finished the Nova top.  This week, it came back from the quilters.  No, her waiting list isn’t quite THAT long.  🙂  I just gave it to her a while back and now the quilt is home again.


When I made this quilt, I LOVED it.  And, I am happy to say that after two years I am STILL in love.


Barbara, the quilter, and I discussed options on the quilting.  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.  The chrysanthemums in the border reflected in the design.  She gave me all I wanted and more!


A pieced back, using all fabric on hand, gives it a good finish.


Thanks to Kim Brackett for the Nova pattern (from her book) and to Barbara for the quilting.

16 thoughts on “Still In Love: A Quilt Finish

  1. Love your interpretation of Nova! That one’s on my Bucket List 😀 I have all of Kim’s books and have tagged SO many of the pages.

  2. beautiful!!!! love the colors and the pattern…i’d love to try it but doubt I will get to it..but I do love it…and the quilting is just perfect for it…

  3. I never saw this quilt. As I am fairly new to your blog. It is absolutely stunning. I love the colors and the pattern. Your quilter does fabulous work. wish I had someone to do mine. Because of my hands I can only do tying. But it works for me. Again beautiful quilt. Nice job ladies.

  4. Lovely! I did my NOVA more scrappy as part of a strip swap – I am not in love with it right now but hoping the quilting will bring it to life for me.

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