Scrap Happy Summer: My Turn

It was such an honor to be contacted by Em and asked to participate in her Scrap Happy Summer feature. Using scraps? Yes, that is something I am passionate about.

I love scraps and the particular look they give a quilt.  Yes, I have made a few “collection” quilts, but even then I usually succumb to the temptation to sneak in a few “strangers” to liven up the crowd.

You should know something about Em, if you don’t already.  She designs quilts.  And they are great made scrappy.  Here are a few I made scrappy using her ideas.

Harvest Sky…

and This and That…

These quilts are a good example of “controlled scrappy.”  I chose a color scheme, dug through my scraps and smaller pieces of stash fabric,  and went to work.  The secret with these is to not be too worried if the colors don’t “match.”  If you look closely, the periwinkle purple/blue colors in the This and That quilt are all quite different. Still, they work.  It is easier to match 10 blues than 2.

Here is another example of controlled scrappy.  It is my own Hundred Hugs design, made up a few different ways.


Notice that each has a strong central color scheme–blue, pink or patriotic–with a dash of something else thrown in.  Also, the main color has a lot of variation in it.  Again, to give texture and life to the quilt.

So, if you aren’t quite ready to dive into scrap chaos, try a controlled scrappy.

Either way, enjoy the process and enjoy your fabric.  For more scrappy quilting ideas, see the TUTORIALS page above.  There are several ideas there.  You might find just the one to get you started.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Emily for this opportunity.  Have a happy, scrappy summer!

9 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Summer: My Turn

  1. Thanks for your help in making Scrap Happy Summer a success. You have wonderful ideas about using scraps. I just love your scrap quilts!

  2. I enjoyed the interview, thanks for the heads up. I also tend to cut my scraps frequently, usually at the end of each project. I do have one little scrap bin, but those are the too small pieces that I save for fabric postcards.

  3. I am a scrap piecer..once in awhile I make a quilt out of a color scheme or as I like to say–a collection of fabric—but mostly I do scrap quilts..people give me their scraps and I love cutting them and putting them to use..i tend to cut, though, when I get a ton of them all gathered up..i press and cut for days then I am back in the mood to sew..that was a nice article ….

  4. I have found you through Ems Scrapbag. I love your quilts and identify strongly with your ideas about controlled scrappy. That’s definitely my preference too.

  5. You know you had me at “scrappy”!! Whatever the medium I am a self confessed scrapaholic!! The more colorful the better and it is my belief that scrappy is its own “collection’ of fabric. I like the phrase “controlled scrappy”-it sounds so much more grown -up than semi-organized chaos!

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