Chicken Update

The baby chickens are seven weeks old now and growing like weeds.  Really, you can’t call them babies any more.


One of them, Amelia Gonzales, is not a chicken, but a rooster.  Even the most experienced have trouble telling the boys from the girls, apparently.  We have contacted the local 4-H group and they are sure they will find a young breeder eager to have such a fine addition to their flock.  She, well, HE, is a pure bred light leghorn and will make good baby chicks for someone.


Also, this last week we finally painted the coop that my father made last spring. How did we select green and red paint?  Well, because it was what I had and that made it perfect.  My father purchased it along with other wood finishes at an auction for $7 and figured I could use the red and green paint and he could use all the varnish, poly and other goodies.  It was new paint in good shape and looked good to me. Is that too practical? I have thought it would be fun to get a metal decoration of some kind for the door.  Maybe one will come up at a yard sale.


Now the chickens have a shiny new home protected from the elements so it can protect them from the elements.  As hot as it has been here it is hard to even imagine winter, but we know it will come and are glad to have such a nice place for our small flock.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Update

  1. i’m with Susan—it needs white Christmas lights…the chickens are lovely and I know they must be fun to watch and listen to…they certainly are growing..good luck finding a new home for Amelia Gonzalez—the he-man of the brood…

  2. Your birds are looking good. Was visiting my friend yesterday, the one with all the fowl, and hers are doing very well this year and laying eggs like crazy.

  3. i believe you will find something amazing to hang on the door and it is going to make it look like the coop was originally designed to have the red and green…..
    side note–i got my superstars quilted and it is AMAZING!!!!! did freehand teardrops–it used 17 bobbins. yes, that was 17!!! i KNOW!!! totally way too many bobbins–and they are size M bobbins, so they hold a TON of thread…..i will send you a picture soon ;o) thanks again for sharing the pattern.

  4. Well-“A boy named Sue” made millions and is known to nearly everyone so perhaps the rooster named Amelia will do nearly as well. I LOVE this entire set-up-has all the makings of a wonderful childrens book! I do admit I’m a bit envious-I really want a Fainting Goat [her name will be Beatrice] Hopefully in time………

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