A Housewarming Finish

My search for small, satisfying projects led me to a few small cross stitch kits that I finished some time ago (measured in years). They came with those round plastic frames…not really my style. And, they were only intended to be 5″ across. While I liked them well enough to finish them, I wasn’t sure what to do with them when they were finished. So, they sat.


Until, as part of my cleaning spree, I went through the drawer of needlecraft things.  We won’t discuss here the partially finished projects languishing there.  We will instead speak cheerfully of finally finding a finish for these.

My friend Nicole recently moved to a new home.  Very exciting.  I wanted to give her something for this fresh start in life.


By adding a little patchwork, those stitcheries became this pillow cover. The pieced blocks are the Go-Along Star #1 block from Quilters Cache.  No symbolism;  I just liked the way they looked. They were supposed to be 6-1/2″ unfinished. Mine were 6-1/4″. Don’t really know what happened. But, I just adjusted the sashing to make things fit.


I delivered the pillow tonight.


I felt very welcome visiting her home.  Even in the pressure of moving and sorting she had time to be gracious and say that a new pillow was just what she needed. Friends are the best!  And, I get to count those little things finished.

15 thoughts on “A Housewarming Finish

  1. Very nice. Yesterday I pulled an old counted cross stitch project out and thought it would make a nice quilt center. Mine isn’t quite done, though!

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

  2. Great finish and those are out of the drawer! I always called that an Ohio Star, and I don’t think I ever made one that came out the perfect size, either, no matter how precise I have been. Maybe just VERY scant seams would do it. I do love the block anyway.

  3. such a great idea. I have often thought the images on those little kits were cute, but didn’t want tiny wall hangings, I’ll be keeping this in mind next time I find some.

  4. I am not a counted cross stitcher but daughter is and does it beautifully…I found several she had made and given to me to do something with last fall..i made a wall hanging for her and have a couple of more to do something with..never thought of a pillow..that is beautiful and I think the stars are perfect and the colors go so well together..another one of your random projects that look planned to me..

  5. Nice idea. I have an enormous amount of x-stitch done. Put away in my craft trunk. Yes trunk. Along with unfinished quilts, Swedish weaving blankets, Brazilian embroidery (making a bed runner) and other assorted pieces that I used as examples for my students, when I taught hand arts in Florida. Maybe after we move in the next few weeks I will settle down and open that trunk and take a deep breath and plunge in. Wish me luck. You do have a way of giving us incentive to do better/more. You truly inspire me. By the way my pc crashed and I am just getting back.

  6. I’ve got a few finished stitchery projects languishing in a drawer too. What a nice way to finish yours! I wonder what drawer mine are in? Hmmm….

  7. No we won’t chat about your U.F.O’s-or mine either! But in this particular case these lovelies were only waiting for their perfect destiny! Sweet pillow I know I any many others would be thrilled to have!

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