What Am I Working On?

School starts for me on Monday.  I feel ready, but not really prepared.  Last year was my first year so I could just start blind and pray.  This year I have had more time and knowledge, and have tried to put those to good use, but the sum total is that I feel less prepared, because I know what is coming.  It is a great school with a supportive administration and good students, but there are still challenges. And a LOT to do.

Please be patient if my quilting and writing both drop.  It doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It just means that life is winning for a while. I know that you, my dear and supportive readers, will understand.  I will try to understand, but I will miss extended sewing time.

I have three active projects right now:

1. A string quilt I am just trying to get to throw size so I can call it done.  I am not in love with the color scheme any more.


2. The Oh My Stars quilt.  I am nearly 2/3 of the way with blocks.  There are 148 in all.  17 pieces each (if you count finished pieces).  That is 2576.  It isn’t really so many pieces as a lot of repetition, but I did lay out a small section to get an idea of how it will look and I really like it.  I hope I feel that way all the way to the end.


3. A memory quilt project.  My accountant hired me to build 17 memory quilts from her SIL’s clothes.  Big project!  Right now I am still at the cutting stage.  About 1/3 in, I think. I have recruited both of the children to help with various parts of the project and between all of us we will prevail. Please tell me that other people have such beautiful “design spaces” as this section of my basement.


I mention all this because my goal is to have the three done to “finished top” stage by Christmas.   There are other things I REALLY want to work on.

15 thoughts on “What Am I Working On?

  1. No, sadly, I don’t have that lovely design space in the basement. My son is taking up that space! I do have a bedroom floor and a quilt room floor, though! Bento Box is currently taking up both, and under Bento Box in the quilt room is … String Twist!

  2. I’m sure you will achieve your goal. I love your string quilt color scheme with
    the autumnal colors 🙂 One day, I will make a string quilt too. I just need to get a few more scraps together first.

  3. I don’t even have a basement! My sewing room is a corner of my living room. I still do most of my cutting out on the dining room table unless it is a small project. If it’s small enough, I have a cutting mat I put on my ironing board and rotary cut fabric there.

  4. I like the colors of your string quilt but I understand that if you don’t like it that makes it difficult to work on..i have a couple of those started myself—projects that I can’t get to like the colors of—so I always pass them over..the Oh My Stars quilt is lovely…I may have one of those started somewhere but want to finish your tutorial star quilt first..and the memory quilts—17 ???–wowow!!! you cut off a big bite there..but I know with the help of son and daughter you will get them done in good form…

    and with all the other things you have going—a great job which is still very new to you and exciting—and life in general I do not see how you accomplish any sewing at all..but I think it is good therapy for you at the end of a long day…it is for me …

    keep up the good work…..

  5. It’s funny how sometimes we start a project and are so excited but when it drags on it is more of a chore than a love of quilting. I recently had this with a very special quilt top. I actually was to the point that I felt guilty if I tried to work on anything else. I finally made myself sit down and finish it (two additional days). I felt so relieved to have that off my list. I have not quilted it yet but at least I don’t dread going in to my quilting studio and seeing it now.
    I say that to let you know we all feel that way at times. If there is one that you can knock out very quickly then do. Also if it is personal, it is perfectly ok to put it away for a while. (Just don’t for get to put the fabric with what you’ve started so you don’t use it elsewhere).
    Good luck with the new school year. Sending up prayers for you!

  6. I love your string quilt! I have quilted for forty years and i do all hand piecing and hand quilting, dont own a sewing machine but wish i had bought one when i was able to work and really wish i had built a fabric stash, but i didnt have the foresight or sense to do that either. I receive less than four hundred dollars monthly on disability. I have made and donated over two hundred quilts to different charities. If you ever have scraps, ufos, quilt tops etc. I would be happy to finish them and donate to charity. Keep up the great work, you do such beautiful work! Blessings, barbara babscorbitt@gmail.com

  7. I understand how life can get “pushy”….. My D.I.L. finally got her first classroom this year-no more “mediating” She’s very excited but also a bit freaked out! You take the time you need for you-we “old seamstresses” will muddle thru somehow without sewing our fingers together! [if we’re lucky} I personally like the string quilt but know how it goes when you don’t “feel it” anymore. I say box that baby up and wait- the day will come when just the perfect project will reveal itself! I raise a cup to your memory quilt commitment,I’ll be starting memory bears [5] with the nieces from the clothes of a 4year old who has gone to a place where she is beautiful,healthy and whole again. These projects while tough are truly a blessing and I am reminded of how blessed I am and thankful that my humble talents can be used in such a meaningful way.No matter what else I may ever create it will not be as important as these little bears.

    1. thank you for your last sentence….”These projects while tough are truly a blessing and I am reminded of how blessed I am and thankful that my humble talents can be used in such a meaningful way.No matter what else I may ever create it will not be as important as these little bears.”

      i may have to borrow that as it surely conveys the depth of working on such a meaningful project. there is a sense of reverence and spirituality and mourning, and joy and comfort all rolled into one task……

  8. wow, 17…..wow. wondering why so many? i did 5 at one time and that was alot in my book……even though the fabrics were very lovely, i hated them towards the end.

    i will be doing 4 more fairly soon. there is a little 10 yr old boy a few houses down that is losing his battle to cancer. i took over 28 freezer paper backed muslin squares for the family to draw and write on, then i will incorporate those into 4 family memory quilts using fabrics from the whole family……

    what am i working on now? i just finished a baby quilt using your super stars pattern, but i had everything cut down to 4 inches. it was requested for pink and brown and i could ONLY use stash……i think it turned out pretty great and made at lease a bit of a dent in the pinks. i made pink stars, 4 of them, and a pink and cream background, and in the setting i used brown cornerstones. did a scrappy pink 4 inch square border and called it good. i used a plush pink backing and a very thin cotton batting. it is cushy soft…….am binding it in the brown…..i think she will be please.

    that was commissioned by my daughter. one of her high school friends has lupus and is pregnant with her 2nd child. she is not doing very well with her lupus. shea, my daughter, asked for a quilt for both of the babies–the older one is only one…….she felt that they could provide comfort to all of them……so, what’s a mother to do? of course i said yes…..

    i feel like i do more quilts for comfort of ill people than i do for anything else. i believe tht it is a minstry that God has laid on my heart to do…..too bad i also want to get a quilting for others business off the ground, but the ministry quilting seems to take precedence–and, i am fine with that as He seems to supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory….

    i need to figure out what and how i am going to do the second baby quilt. it is requested in black and tan, and i dont have much in either of those colors, but gonna see what i can come up with. i may have to ask my daughter to pitch in for some fabrics and backing since i just dont think i can get anything out of what i have on hand…..

    so, back to the saltmines ! i have pink fabric everywhere it seems, and time to do a 10 minute tidy-up!!!

  9. Back when I was on academic schedule, before working in the library, I always felt some shock at the shift from summer where I paced myself back to school days where school did much of the pacing. I was going to say that your school starts early, then realized we are past the halfway mark in August…

    Will miss your frequent posts and projects, but sure do understand. Good luck on the 17.

  10. I feel just like that! AND I don’t have school as an excuse. I’m just in a dip right now. I’ll come out of it and run very fast to get my projects finished in a timely manor. Good luck with school and I look forward too your posts when you have time !

  11. wow. I’m impressed with all of you. You are all amazing with all your projects. But 17? Really?? WOW! I thought I was the only crazy one. Somehow I always seem to have a multitude of quilt projects going. But I guess you have to be a little crazy to be a quilter. But isn’t it fun?? Love , love , love it. We are getting ready to move in with our daughter next month. So I am going to have to put most of it on hold except 1 quilt which has to be done ASAP. It is for the USO show in October. I have everything ready except the energy. HELP!! I will be starting this coming week out to our camp and at the same time giving a quilt class as I do it, to 3 ladies who very much want and need a lesson or 2 in the basics of quilting. Good friends and quick to learn. We always have a lot of fun when we can all get together. Well ladies keep up the good work you all are very encouraging.

  12. Enjoy your school year. Being a great teacher takes lots of time, and I am sure you are a great teacher. We all have times when life gets in the way of what we all would really like to do – QUILT! That said, know that everyone will understand. I love reading your blog whenever you are able to post.

  13. Deanna, good luck at school. I know exactly what you mean. This year it seems that my planning time is not enough for 2 preps and I can barely catch up.

  14. I hope your school year has begun well. I am a teacher too so I understand the magnitude of the work, and how the work day doesn’t end once you leave work. This is why I haven’t yet started blogging. I simply don’t have time! I have three young kids as well as my teaching job. I keep flirting with the idea of blogging. Maybe one day.

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