350 Block Reward

The real reward is watching those numbers rise and the blocks pile up.  But, Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts, the wonderful host of the 350 Block Challenge, sweetens the deal even more.


Each month she gives prizes to participants, those who reach the goal AND those who just play along and report.


I was the lucky winner for July.  Not only do I have the satisfaction of 66 finished blocks, but I also have two fat quarters and a pattern to show for it.  YAY ME!  Thank you,  Shelly!

You might want to consider playing along.  It is never too late to start making progress.

7 thoughts on “350 Block Reward

  1. I just signed up at the beginning of August. I figure I have easily done 51 blocks this year already, so set that as my starting number. Already have 24 done this month. Congratulations on your win.

  2. the fat quarters are so pretty …you’ll think of something fun to do with them and that pattern looks like a real challenge..i really do have to count the blocks I have done and get in on this…keep on sewing and you will outdo us all…

  3. Maybe if she or you or someone does another challenge next year I can do it. Right now and for the next month we are slowly moving into our daughters house. We have to do it slowly so we can figure what we will take and what we will get rid of. Make no mistake I will not be getting rid of my quite large stash. Nope not happening. She is giving me my own craft room. About 12×10. Perfect.. Plus she is giving us a 12×12 storage area in the finished basement. So I will diffenately have a place to retreat to. Keep up all the good work you do and I am glad you won for July.

  4. Also I don’t know if they count work already done this year. So even though I’m not in the challenge, I have done 235 blocks so far since January. I am working on the queen size military quilt for the upcoming USO show in October as a 1st place raffle prize. So far I have 64 blocks done. It will have a center piece of an eagle and each branch of the service inter-twined around it. My design. And I will make a lap quilt for another raffle with the left overs. This will be for a raffle for the Amvets organization. When it is done I will send you a picture on your web sight. And after that I have to finish the queen size quilt for our granddaughter for Christmas. It is a very fancy Sun Bonnet Sue. Thanks for doing what you do and for giving us all the incentive to keep on quilting.

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