Things That Hold Us Back

Sparkle Jane was working on a new quilt.  She was particularly proud of it because she had done all the cutting, layout and calculations herself and was ready to show me the partially assembled top when I arrived home.  Yes, she was a very happy quilter.


She realized that she had miscalculated and every other row was 1/2″ shorter than the alternating rows.  She knew that all that was needed was to trim 1/4″ off each end of the longer rows. The layout would still work.  But, it wasn’t what she wanted.

So the quilt sat on the floor.  In her room.  For two weeks.  Then she wadded the entire thing up and piled it on a chair.  And it sat there for another several days.

Today she finally decided that she was being silly.  Did it really matter that the quilt would be 1/2″ narrower than she originally thought?

So, she trimmed.


And this is what came off.

This tiny pile.

That was all that was holding her back.

Now she is sewing those strips together and well on her way to a lovely gold/cream quilt.

Ah, quilting!  It teaches us so much about life.  It was her this time, but how often have I let little things hold me back?  I am proud of her for getting past this obstacle.

6 thoughts on “Things That Hold Us Back

  1. This story could have been written about me! I tend to let little hiccups hold me back also as i strive for perfection. I have to remind myself, I no longer am sewing for a grade. I am glad you are teacher her to enjoy the process.

  2. far too true many a time. Some times for me, it’s just a matter of starting. I’ll have all the supplies, but keep saying I don’t have the time and then once I do start, I am finished in a few hours. All that procrastinating, for what?

  3. I am proud of her for stopping when she saw her I would have kept on going and when it was done would not have liked it..not that anybody else would have noticed the 1/2″ but I would have known it was there…she was very smart to put it aside until she had her thoughts together and get it done…I love the of my favorite combinations..

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