350 Block Project: August Report

Even with all the activity and pressure of school starting up, a little stitching did get done in August.  My total for the month is 24 blocks. Twenty four isn’t much, but I am at 297 for the year.  That is well on the way for the 350 Block Challenge.

That was 11 string blocks.  Only 5 more to go, I think,  before I can call it a throw.

And, 8  Oh My Stars blocks.  This one has been in the works for 9 months now, but it will be done someday.  Soon.  Before 2014.

And the blocks for a housewarming gift–counted as 4.

And the one little improv block for a snack mat for Young Son.

And that wasn’t much, but  a whole lot better than nothing.

I hope September sees me back on a block a day.  That is sort of like an apple a day.  It keeps the doctor away for quilters.

Thanks, Shelly, for the encouragement.  I will make 350 before the end of the year.

7 thoughts on “350 Block Project: August Report

  1. you will definitely make it…..this is the bit of crazy time, when school starts and we have to re-gear ourselves….pretty quickly though, you will be back in the swing of things and find all sorts of open pockets of time and those blocks will just be done like magic ;o) my 2 boys are back at school and 3 girls have started college so they are hard at the books…..

    deanna, i still have to say that your super stars quilt is one of my favorite ones i have done in a very long time. i am really going to have to send you pictures…..

    i havent kept track of how many blocks i have made, but sure do know that i have surpassed what i normally do by leaps and bounds. i have made 12 blocks just today, and will finish another 13 tomorrow–their components are all made already-yeah!!!!!

    also did 2 baby quilts last week–one of them was a superstars using 6 inch squares to start instead of 5, only 4 of them set together makes for a wonderful baby quilt! and the other was made of 9 blocks…..

    yesterday my 9 yr. old grand daughter and i pulled fabrics for a D9P quilt that she requested that SHE could make as a gift for MY family. it is the sashed one from the missouri star quilting co. tutorial on youtube…..GREAT quilt! i did all the cutting, she did all the sewing and she is actually almost done with putting together her (12) 9 patch blocks…..

    i have the plan of making LOTS of mug rugs from blocks for gifts and will start in on those as soon as the 12 and 13 block quilt is put together…..i just need to settle on a pattern i want to use….am thinking that i may use your leader/ender with the 9 patch center…..i already have LOTS of those made and they would be a great size for a mug rug. i am going to get white mugs at the dollar store and package them cutely…..how i am not sure yet, but they will eventually be cute LOL

    gonna get the yarn for knitting washcloths tomorrow too and then pairing them with a NICE bar of soap for gifts….if i am not knitting, i will be quilting–gifting season is upon us–THAT is how i know you will easily make your 365 blocks ;o)

  2. keep up the good work girl. I sure do enjoy your blog. Getting closer to moving. The upstairs at our daughters should be all done by the end of next week. Yeah! Then paint and move her bedroom and sewing/bird room upstairs and we are good to go. Can’t wait. Keep the good work up. You inspire us all.

  3. With almost 120 days until the end of the year, you could start TODAY, make 3 a day, and still hit your goal. So I expect with your running head start you’ll get there! Thanks for sharing.

  4. you are doing good..if I could find the time to do some finishing I could really add some blocks to my ‘count’ but I did finish 2 baby quilt tops for a great grand baby on the way so that added a lot of blocks to my count—which I really have to do one of these days…sounds like everybody is busy…at my house things will settle down now that the holiday weekend is over..all the showers and weddings in my family are through —last shower–one for my great grandbaby to be–was yesterday so basically my time is my own to do what I want to do…

    I enjoy your blog so much Deanna….you have got me hooked..keep on truckin’ with those blocks and you will make it by the end of the year…

  5. I haven’t been counting and know August was slow for me… but it picked up yesterday as September started. Strangely I will have more time for sewing once school begins again, as bedtimes shift earlier and I can get upstairs sooner in the evening.

  6. You will get there. Some better months make up for some slower months, so it all evens out. I know we all have some months that are busier than others, and some months where we can fit in more sewing than others. Such is life! How wonderful it is!

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