Young Son Update

Young Son, that excellent 15-year old, is being adjusted.  Not that we didn’t think he was darn near perfect, but there were a few things…

alex before

And a few hours later…Ooo…sparkly!

Alex after

He is hurting a little…really quite a bit…but it is for his own good and he knows it.  There are so many things we do that cause pain to our children and we tell them it is a benefit.  Why does it not feel that way at the time?

6 thoughts on “Young Son Update

  1. Did this for our grandson about 9 years ago. The dentist told us to take him to the movies and to get him a thick shake to sip on. PAIN!! But sipping on the shake started it out good. We gave him thick shakes once a week for a month. helped him to adjust faster. I felt like an ogre but he has beautiful teeth now. By the way, he still hates me for it. LOL!!

  2. It was a long time ago but I still remember the pain – there were times when I couldn’t eat. They may have come a long way with the looks of the railroad tracks on your teeth but I guess they haven’t done anything about the pain. It does get easier.

  3. in a few years he will thank you for this..two of my grandsons had to wear braces—actually only one and the other one has a retainer which you can’t see as it is behind his teeth…my older grandson who had the braces now has a beautiful smile and is glad he had them…but I know it was painful…I hurt for him all the time…

  4. I am 63 years young and I can tell your son that the pain hes enduring now will be well worth it in the end!. My parents did NOT put me in braces when I severely needed them. As a consequence in my adult life, I have spent hundreds of hours in a dental chair, enduring all kinds of procedures, implants, root canals you name it AND the money for my small red 2 seater sports car on my mouth and after all that now I have to wear a partial denture just to be able to have a meal. Give him the Tylenol and tell him in a few years the girls and the gorgeous smile will be well worth it!!

  5. My son went through this as well and spent at least three days each month in pain and unable to eat solid foods. It was a hard slog, but in his case it not only gave him a lovely smile it also corrected his bite and allowed him to eat properly. Your son will be happy later that he went through this now!

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