Refashion Runway: Emerald Green

Emerald Green?  There is a wide open Refashion Runway challenge.  But,  emerald green items were hard to find.  Perhaps because it is the Pantone 2013 Color of the Year, in fashion and snapped up in thrift stores.  Our friend, Doug, found this piece for me.  Let’s just say it had lots of potential.



1. Correct Color

2. Lots of fabric to work with

3. Fit Daughter reasonably well


1. The open back

2. The footballer shoulder pads

2. The “jeweled” front

3. That bow…and bustle.


Not what I had in mind…but if you have shopped for fancy dresses lately, you know that the prices can be mind blowing.  As Daughter moves through her teens she seems to need nice dresses for more and more occasions.  Can we make this one work?

It was a fairly complex re-fashion, because so many things needed to change.  I still wanted a dress when it was done, but  a dress Daughter could wear to her winter band concert, not an 80’s revival party.

The first step was a lot of picking out:  shoulders, bustle, skirt.


Then it was time to start putting it all back together.


The bodice needed new sleeves, a new neckline, no deep V in the waist,  and some detailing.


The skirt needed to be shortened. And the bustle and bow?  All that extra fabric needed to come off.

I really wanted to build a whole new back to the bodice, but just filling in the gap with fabric from the v-shaped bustle left a keyhole opening that Daughter liked–modest but interesting.


The finish is a winter dress with a 50’s vibe.


Such a nice change from Before…


To after…


Take a minute to visit Refashion Runway Season Two and see the Week 2 work of all the contestants.  And, take a minute to VOTE for your favorite. Even though I was eliminated this week, I’ll sure be browsing  and voting for the remaining contestants.


Off to work on Week 3: Peplum.  Who knows?  Maybe this one will even be a refashion for ME!

ps–I didn’t mean to lead anyone astray with my earlier post about a curtain dress.  It was the resourceful use of green that I found inspiring.  And the reminder that refashioning isn’t really a new idea.  But, I do have some home-decor items in mind for a future challenge, should I get there.  Hmm…doilies and tablecloths? ddt.

14 thoughts on “Refashion Runway: Emerald Green

  1. wow what a fabulous job you did. You totally redid this. Your daughter looks great. She is getting prettier and prettier. Isn’t it wonderful to spoil our kiddos like this?

  2. I love what you did with this one! She looks beautiful, and the dress is nice, too. =) You were eliminated? No way! That’s just wrong!

  3. Deanna, I’m sorry to see you eliminated this week. I seriously think that you had the best refashion this week for the emerald green challenge. Your daughter looks beautiful in her lovely new dress! I love the 50’s vibe! Take Care-Susan

  4. That is really incredible! I can’t believe the transformation. You are incredibly talented. The new dress is beautiful, and she seems so happy in it.

  5. Good job, I can’t imagine anyone wearing that “much” dress, but then again it was the 80s. Much more suitable for a young girl. Hugs and stitches, Betty Lou

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  6. I love that and it looks beautiful on your daughter…the color is perfect for her..cannot imagine you were eliminated…you do such beautiful work and it turns out beautifully…I can hardly wait to see what you do with a peplum which is one of my favorite things…

  7. Wow! can’t believe you were eliminated. Can’t imagine someone doing better then this. It is a beautiful dress on a beautiful young lady. Great work. As far as this girl is concerned your the winner in my book.

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