Still Breezing Along

The Summer Breeze quilt is a top. I finished all the “alternating” squares in variations of chocolate brown. Some of it was precut 2-1/2″ strips that I had on hand. Others came from the bin of neutral fabrics. The cream colored fabrics together for the pinwheel blocks  mostly were cut from the “background” fabric bin.


Sewing together the colored pinwheel blocks went quickly and really added to my block count for the month. After some debate, I decided to stick with the cranberry, orange and yellow wedding accent colors. The green wasn’t working for me in the pinwheels.


The quilt feels on schedule. The wedding is mid-October.  Maybe, with a little luck, I will find a  great print for the back that has the brown, cream and cranberry with all three accent colors–yellow, orange and that green.


Unbelievable that such a fabric would exist? I have a Kate Spain fabric in mind but it is an older collection and might not still be available.


8 thoughts on “Still Breezing Along

  1. Oh, I like it! I think the green would have been too much. This way, the colors are in the same family. It’s a very attractive quilt!

  2. I love the color combination and know the bride and groom will love it to and enjoy it for many years..i was wondering how you were going to get those colors together and look right but you did it..i cannot imagine where I would have put green either..just does not go…but it is so pretty…really like the border and the alternating Melanie said it looks like parquet…it looks very homey and inviting to me..

  3. Another great idea for using up all those left over border pieces. I must have enough left over to equal at least 10 yards of border fabric. Got a project in mind but have to find all my stuff after this move last week. Huuummm! Now where did I put my sewing machine? Sigh!!!

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